– Italian Dolomites | Photo tour

with  Photographer Kristel Schneider
Spoken language: English and/or Dutch
Date: June 9-16-2018

(for Nordic Vision photo-tours – photography travel company )

Experience the impressive décor from the ‘other’ Italy.

A short photo holiday in combination with a great learning experience

  • UNESCO heritage
  • Magnificent mountain ranges – ‘stone cathedrals’
  • Spring, the season of fresh colors and new Life
  • (Intimate) Landscape | Close-up Photography (wild flowers)
  • guided by photographer Kristel Schneider
  • 8 days

When all my school friends went to the beach my parents took my brother and me every summer to San Cassiano, in the heart of the Italian Dolomites. Unfortunately when you are so young you do not appreciate all that beauty around you, it is much later that you realize that this was the seeding of my love for the mountains and for nature. Going back to my childhood holiday destination almost felt like going back home again. Tucked away memories came back and I rediscovered the beauty of these magnificent mountain ranges with their stone cathedrals. Pure enjoyment! I will be more than happy to share this beautiful area with you during this 8-day photo-tour – Kristel

This photo-tour will focus mainly on the heart of the Italian Alps. In Spring everything is full with fresh colors and strives with new life. It is the time when the Dolomites awaken from the cold winter months. The steep rocky peaks will undo their white blankets of snow. Then pure natural colors, rough and graphical textures will visually materialize. For us, photographers, this season offers countless opportunities to try out a wide variety of nature photography shots: long valleys and rugged ridge-lines, turquoise colour lakes, various wild flowers, as well as the dolomites mountain tops in all kinds of photogenic shapes.

What to expect during this 8-day photography tour: we will visit several Nature Parks, like the Ampezzo Dolomites, the Fanes -Sennes -Brais, the Sesto/Tre Cime Dolomites. We will look at how the sunlight plays on the mesmerizing mountain ranges and see mist disappear in the valleys and over the peaks. You will discover one of Italy’s most beautiful mountain lakes. There will be plenty of opportunities to focus on close-ups, macro and other Spring subjects: flowering mosses, Alpine Snowbell,Gentiane, the rare Lady’s slipper orchid and many other wild flowers.

Date: June 9-16-2018

8 days – 7 nights
More information
Meer informatie


Date: June 9-16-2018

8 days – 7 nights
More information
Meer informatie










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