Publication in Swedish magazine: Camera Natura

The Swedish photo magazine, Camera Natura,  published an overview of my  work ;  a total of 10 pages are published in issue n° 1  2016. A beautiful magazine, that showcases work of 7 photographers, Peter Grahn, Niklas Virsén, Stefan Oscarsson/N, Magnus Martinsson/N, Claes Thorberntsson, Frang Dushaj and Tom Svensson/N I am featured in the first article, which displays a mix of some of my…

Publication on

Publication on dutch photography website,, about photography in the French region Auvergne with text and images by Kristel Schneider. There will be two parts, part 1 about the summer and the winter is now online: fototips voor Auvergne, Frankrijk (in Dutch). Autumn and spring will be published later this year in part 2.  

Website portfolio update | Latest Work

update by Kristel Schneider Spring time, the season of colors and new life. For me the time where I focus a lot on flower photography, especially the last couple of weeks I visited my favorite flower ‘hotspots’ in the area I was happy to see that the wild orchids were doing very good this year, some species came out even too early for me…

Interview with Misja Smits

Interview series by Kristel Schneider   ‘I like to surprise myself to avoid getting bored with my own pictures’     I am not sure anymore where I saw Misja’s work for the first time, in Dutch magazine Grasduinen (now Roots) or via the Argus photocontest, but I can still remember I was totally stunned by the color impact of her images. In my…

A short photo holiday in France

More info: Workshop page  (Eng) Meer info: Workshop pagina (NL)