Creative compositions Photography Workshop

New in 2017: all year round
A creative photography workshop
with photographer Kristel Schneider

Start moving and let your creative imagination go wild

Start moving and let your creative imagination go wild

During this photo workshop you will learn to create abstract images by using different camera techniques like the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) camera technique, camera double expose and the use manual lenses etc.
After this workshop you will know that you can actually create different moods and atmospheres in your image just by looking at your scene more carefully and think ahead before you start moving the camera or put images on top of
each other. Also you will learn how different weather elements can play an important role in your composition like rain and wind.

Kristel will guide you true the different methods of movement and you will see that there are endless possibilities.

Who can sign up

  • For the enthusiastic photographers who want to widen their
    skills or focus on one subject.
  • For the enthusiastic photographers who want to deepen their
    already used photography techniques and work on a more abstract approach.


  • All year round and with flexible schedule.


  •  Auvergne | France


  • 1 person     275,00 € PP
  • 2 persons   155,00 € PP
  • 3 persons or more  125 € PP

(included: tea and or coffee, not included traveling and/or accommodation ).
– 50,00 € PP deposit

– by attending a mix of workshop
10 to 15 % discount on bookings in one week.
– A list of B&Bs where you can get discount.

Reservation and payment
After a reservation you will receive a conformation e-mail with deposit and final payment details. Depending on the workshop or tour, suggestions for accommodations in the area can be sent.

Please read Kristel’s Workshops  and Tours Terms and Conditions before you make a reservation.


  • From 10h00 am till 17h pm

This  video was made in April 2016  by the local newspaper about me and the ICM technique

To listen to this video in English click: here

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