Honorable mention, NewYork, IPA: Variations in Trees

(Due to travels and my busy agenda I am behind with my news, so today a delayed happy moment ;-))

IPA  16th Annual Photography Awards Competitionipa 2018 Honorable Mention book Variations in Trees

Very happy to announce that my book is rewarded by the IPA with a honorable mention last month. In the category: Self Published – professional, IPA  16th Annual Photography Awards Competition.

The International Photography Awards conducts an annual photography competition for professional, non – professional, and student photographers on a global level, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today. The IPA recognizes photography’s leading  talents who are creating, shaping and defining the world of photography today.

Evaluated by IPA’s outstanding international jury comprised of gallerists, photo editors, art collectors and other photography luminaries. The Jury members judge the images based on originality, technical excellence and artistic merit and select the winners.

You can find more information on my website about the book: Variations in Trees

Judging and Highly Commented

Busy times, so here is a quick update on some highlights.

Jury member
I am very happy to been asked to be one of the Jury members of MontPhoto 2018 international photo contest.  The first 100% woman jury in Nature photography, and you should read the comments on this on Social Media 😉 I think its about time that woman finally get the same role and part in Nature photography as our male colleagues.
So a big applause to the staff of this Spanish festival and competition.

At the moment we finished our first judging round and start the second round end of this month. The final round will be in June. More about this and the results later on this year.

Jurado 2018

BioPhotoContest (IT)
Results Biophotocontest 2018, Prairies, Steppes and Savannah are in. An Italian international photo contest.
This years ‘theme’ didn’t gave me a real enthusiastic feel to join at first but it is always good to have an archive and one even made it to the finals, Highly Commented !
Thank you jury!
For choosing my image, taken in the Auvergne, close to my home.

to the winners and other finalists.



Merci à tous !

Back home from Saint Valery sur Somme, France.
29th Edition FESTIVAL DE L’OISEAU ET DE LA NATURE. 9 days surrounded with warm public and nice colleagues.

Thank you Stéphane HAUSSOULIER , Marie-Agnès BOCHE, Delphine Moreaux and the rest of the team from the festival and all the volunteers who made us feel at home with their warm welcome and great organization!

Not to forget the visitors who came and visit my new exhibition ‘With trees (Avec l’arbre)’ . Thank you for your kind feedback and warm compliments on, as many of you said a poetic and original vision of trees. I was happy to share my vision with you.

and a very special thanks to Stèphanie & David Allemand for your kindness and the nice moment we shared together, you both made this festival week a ‘special one’.


Publication, interview ONLANDSCAPE

By Charlotte Parkin | Posted

This month On Landscape (a subscription based magazine dedicated to landscape photography) published an interview with me about my book project; Variations in Trees.

Charlotte Parkin (CP): In most photographers’ lives there are ‘epiphanic’ moments where things become clear, or new directions are formed. What were your two main moments and how did they change your photography?

Kristel Schneider (KS): In my younger years I travelled a lot to Asia and was fascinated by the people, their expressions, their colourful clothes, the environment they were living in and I loved the interaction with them.

My photography back then was mainly ‘street-photography’. This all changed when I started taking painting classes in, Amsterdam, my hometown. Unfortunately, I soon realised that I could not draw very well and let’s say I became an abstract painter very fast. The good thing about it was that it had a big influence on my photography; I started looking at other subjects, more in detail and I became drawn to structures and textures. Call it the seeding moment of my abstract photography.

READ MORE on the ONLANDSCAPE site https://www.onlandscape.co.uk/2018/03/interview-photographer-kristel-schneider/


Salon Monts d’Or Photos 2018

Image by Salon Monts d'Or Photos

All the artist | photographers Salon Monts d’Or Photos 2018


Back from Salon Monts d’Or Photos. A nice festival with a warm and cozy atmosphere and an enthusiastic ‘Lyonaise’ audience. The staff Nicole & Christian Segaud with their volunteers make you feel ad home immediately . Thank you ‘Lyonaise’ visitors, colleague photographers for your nice feedback, compliments, conversations and laughter’s ! .
Next year I am invited to come back to showcase all my images of ‘ With Trees’ . See you in 2019!


New photography exhibition tour

(For in the agenda):
Happy to announce my New photography exhibition tour  : With Trees – Avec l’Arbre

This year I will be at several photo festivals (France, Spain), to present work from my new book and others.
First festival is upcoming weekend, 10-11 March 2018, Salon Monts d’Or Photos in St. Didier, France.

Informations pratiques
Centre Laurent Bonnevay
23 rue du Castellard
Saint-Didier-au-Mont d’Or
69370 France

Ouverture au public
Samedi 10 mars de 13h30 à 19h00
Dimanche 11 mars de 9h30 à 18h30

Hope to see you next weekend !




Happy to announce that my image ‘Berries’ was Highly Commended in Category Plants and Fungi at

Next to the WPY (Wildlife Photographer of the Year (BBC) competition for me this is the second High standard Competition for Nature Photographers around.
The GDT’s focus is on innovative and creative images, that’s why I am very happy to get this Highly Commended for my ‘Berries’, a personal favorite.

This image is also published in my first book: Variations in Trees, that will be available early December 2017.
More information: here (webshop)

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