Judging and Highly Commented

Busy times, so here is a quick update on some highlights.

Jury member
I am very happy to been asked to be one of the Jury members of MontPhoto 2018 international photo contest.  The first 100% woman jury in Nature photography, and you should read the comments on this on Social Media 😉 I think its about time that woman finally get the same role and part in Nature photography as our male colleagues.
So a big applause to the staff of this Spanish festival and competition.

At the moment we finished our first judging round and start the second round end of this month. The final round will be in June. More about this and the results later on this year.

Jurado 2018

BioPhotoContest (IT)
Results Biophotocontest 2018, Prairies, Steppes and Savannah are in. An Italian international photo contest.
This years ‘theme’ didn’t gave me a real enthusiastic feel to join at first but it is always good to have an archive and one even made it to the finals, Highly Commented !
Thank you jury!
For choosing my image, taken in the Auvergne, close to my home.

to the winners and other finalists.


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