Series Interviews
nature Photographers
by Kristel Schneider



  • Orsolya Haarberg ‘Nature is pure spirit, it is the biggest artist. If you want to document its art, you have to see  Art in nature’. Read interview
  • Alessandra Meniconzi ‘ …I am attempting to document the remaining indigenous people who are still living as they have had for thousands of years…’ . Read interview
  • Cindy JeannonI sometimes happen to dream about photos, imagine atmospheres and to be inspired by music, books, paintings and photography in my sleep…” Read interview
  • Andrea Gulickx  ‘ For me, creativity flows best when I go into nature with an open mind. No planning at all ‘ Read interview
  • Misja Smits ‘ ‘I like to surprise myself to avoid getting bored with my own pictures’ Read interview
  • Daisy Gilardini ‘ I always think of Antarctica as a Planet on our Planet. It looks like everything stopped at the time of creation. Everything is in harmony, pristine and pure.’ Read interview
  • Heike Odermatt ‘ ‘ …nature photography is just like a book, that no human being can really read …’ Read interview
  • Sandra Bartocha ‘‘ I think that working conceptual and concentrated on certain projects help to focus the vision…’  Read interview
  • Kerstin LangenbergerNothing could have prepared me for the views and emotions …….’  Read interview
  • Kristel Schneider  ‘I think you do not have to travel all around the globe to find interesting photography subjects. They are all around you! ‘ Read interview


  •  Jim Brandenburg  ‘Nature Photography is my language; I speak it better than English. It is a very personal intimate thing to me’.  Read part 1 and part 2
  •  Mike Moats  ‘I can’t paint, but I can create artwork with my camera’  Read interview
  •  Marsel van Oosten ‘Most nature Photographers are obsessed with reality, with nature as it is, with ‘truth’ Read interview
  •  Samuel Bitton thing that I like less than others, it would have to be the early rises!! Read interview
  •  Jeroen Stel..’do my own thing” and not be bothered with the opinions of others and this works well for me’ Read interview
  •  Leon Baas’…more attracted by the bugs on the beautiful flowers than by the bride.Read interview
  •  Emmanuel Boitier  ‘ I’m keener on photographers who show skills and know-how in the long run than on those who produce a very good shot every now and then’  Read interview
  •  Stéphane Hette  ‘I think we should respect the integrity and the living environment of the species that we photograph’ Read interview
  • Edwin Giesbers  ‘Nature is an excuse for me to crawl’  Read interview
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