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Visions and Nature
Nature Photographers interviews

I can’t paint, but I can create artwork with my camera

Mike Moats
Mike Moats is an award winning professional Nature Photographer from Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA.

His articles and images have appeared in many magazines like for example Outdoor Photographer, Nature’s Best and Nature Photographer.  My first introduction with Mike was via Nature Photographers Net a great nature forum where he is the Macro moderator. His way of looking at nature made me follow his work and I am sure after this little interview you will do the same.

‘I started in photography in 2001 as a hobby and by 2007 it became a full time business specializing in macro nature photography.  I sell prints through art shows, teach three-day macro boot camps throughout the US, and have written many articles for magazines and have a soft cover book and five e-books. I run a forum just for macro nature photographers’, Mike Moats.

Who is your inspiration?
When I started in 2001 I didn’t know of any nature photographers, so I was not inspired by any photographers, I was inspired by the artwork that is created in nature, and decided I wanted to record this artwork with a camera.

What do you like about Nature Photography?
It gets me outdoors. I can’t paint, but I can create artwork with my camera in nature.

Are there things you don’t like about Nature Photography?
Only one thing that I don’t like about shooting in nature is dealing with the wind.  Wind can keep a macro photographer from shooting, as it causes our subjects to move, making it impossible to shoot many days.

Do you have any tips for Visions and Nature readers who would like to become professional nature photographers?
You have to work harder then the next photographer if you want to get ahead.  No one knows you’re alive and in business unless you tell them. So marketing properly is the key to making it in this business.

What are your specialties?
I only shoot macro, so when people think of me as a nature photographer ; there is no confusion on what I do.Share with us one of your personal favorite photographs?
My favorite image is one of my most successful images, which is a green fern on a burned downed tree trunk that was shot in Yosemite. It has been published in magazines many times, won in photo contests, and has appeared in newspapers, TV, and advertisement in postcards for many art shows that I’ve participated in.

Describe how it was taken?
The new spring ferns were over taking the blackened tree trunks that had fallen in burned area. I was using my first digital camera which was a Fuji S2 Pro and my Sigma 180 mm macro lens. I used an f-stop of f/32 to get all the nice details and textures in focus.

You are now on Visions and Nature Blog, a Nature and Landscape Photography Blog from Kristel Schneider. Do you know her work?

When you look at her gallery which image(s) pops out for you and why?
I obviously am drawn to the macro, and she does a nice job with her flowers images.

See the images Mike likes from Kristel’s Gallery:  Flora.

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