Sylvia Adams interviewed Kristel Schneider

‘ This time I interviewed Kristel Schneider, a sweet Dutch nature photographer now living in France. Kristel is someone who knows what she wants, she has an exceptional creative mind and she goes to amazing lengths to put her ideas into images’ Sylvia Read whole interview :

Interview Kristel Schneider

Interview Series 2014 : Final interview with Kristel Schneider by Kerstin Langenberger, Orsolya Haarberg, Alessandra Meniconzi,Cindy Jeannon, Andrea Gulickx, Misja Smits, Heike Odermatt, Daisy Gilardini, Sandra Bartocha   I think you do not have to travel all around the globe to find interesting photography subjects. They are all around you!     The last of the interviews about women photographers is about Kristel herself….

Interview Kerstin Langenberger

Interview series by Kristel Schneider Nothing could have prepared me for the views and emotions ……. When I joined Whytake, the photo-community, one of the first people I was in contact with was Kerstin. She was very enthusiastic about my tree images, because she was missing them in Iceland. Her enthusiasm and passion about nature reflects in her photography. Her works guides you to…

Interview with Sandra Bartocha

Interview series by Kristel Schneider   ‘ I think that working conceptual and concentrated on certain projects help to focus the vision…’ Anybody who loves nature photography and follows the news about the big competitions will see Sandra’s name pop-up. She won prices in the most prestigious nature photography competitions; WPY (Wildlife photographer of the year), GDT (European Wildlife Photographer of the Year), IPA…

Interview with Heike Odermatt

Interview series by Kristel Schneider     ‘ …nature photography is just like a book, that no human being can really read …’   I can still remember the first image I saw from Heike, trees in the mist with fresh greens and a line of blue bell flowers. A strong image with great graphical lines and color contrast, this is what you see…