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Personal instruction, 100 % quality time, customized to your needs

Mix grasses with backlight

Mix grasses with backlight


During this workshop you will deepen your personal photography skills by discussing your already used photography techniques and views on Photography.
You will get personal field training with Kristel and explore together creative compositions and visions.
Depending on your personal photography needs, different equipment will be discussed and used during the field training.

Workshop location and time are for you to choose and to be discussed with Kristel.

Kristel will contact you in advance to discuss what you want to get out of this day and customize the program to your personal needs and desires.

Create your own workshop


  • What a super workshop, efficient, well organized, lovely countryside and pleasant hotel. A great experience! – Oswald | Italy/ France
  • Excellent workshops in a beautiful surroundings! Kristel really knows the area and the best spots. She teaches with a personal passion and love for the area and photography. I really enjoyed myself  – Kirsten | The Netherlands
  • Read others

Photographic topics
(From Macro – Landscape – Heritage  or even your own subject like Food in nature you name it….all depending on your Personal Photography needs and level)

Create your own workshop!

  • Creating stronger compositions,
  • Look at landscapes in a different way, using symmetry and repetitions
  • Crawl on the ground and capture the tiny world in close-up photography,
  • Master the movement of water along brooks and waterfalls,
  • Look trough the chaotic elements in a wood-scenery and capture the real essence and beauty,
  • Food in Nature (click here for inspiration), your dog in Nature…
  • You name it and we work on it ….


Photography Knowledge required

  • No special knowledge required. Suited for all level photographers.

Who can sign up

  • For the enthusiastic photographers who want to widen their
    skills or focus on one subject.
  • For the enthusiastic photographers who want to deepen their
    already used photography techniques.
  • For the enthusiastic photographers who like to practice an in-field
    training in their own favorite nature area.


  • All year round and with flexible schedule.


  • Standard : in the Puy de Dôme area (Auvergne)
  • Not Standard: you  choose your own location (see additional costs)




  • Standard
    350,00 € PP  (whole day personal instruction, not included traveling and/or accommodation)
  • Deposit: – 50,00 € PP
  • Not Standard – price  to discuss  (Additional costs: * Standard price calculated within 50 km from Clermont Ferrand.
    If above 50 km, extra traveling costs will be added. When the location is much further or in another region/country  Kristel’s accommodation/travel costs will be added .
    This will be discussed before confirming the workshop reservation.)


  • an intensive one-on-one coaching during 1 day,  9.30h-17h, (sunset or sundown 125,00 € PP  euro extra)
    (more days can be discussed and the discount)

Spoken Language

  • English and/or Dutch (mix French/English)

Reservation and payment

  • After a reservation you will receive a conformation e-mail with deposit and final payment details. Depending on the workshop or tour, suggestions for accommodations in the area shall also be sent.
    Please read Kristel’s Workshops  and Tours Terms and Conditions before you make a reservation.
  • Payment Currency: EURO €
  • Reservation form: click here

General info:

Spoken Language

  • English and/or Dutch

Physical Difficulty

  • easy/moderate
    (depending on your workshop subject)

What to bring

  • Digital Camera (35mm preferred)
  • Tripod (when available)
  • Walking shoes
  • All-weather clothes
  • Rain trouser (depending on the subject + location)
  • (Extra) memory card
  • Full batteries
  • Filters (ND, POL when available) + reflectors (depending on the subjects)


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