Workshops and Tours 2018

Workshops:  Auvergne | France
Instructor: Photographer Kristel Schneider

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Create your own workshop

Improve your technique
ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

Auvergnes wild flora

All year round


Spoken language, English and/or Dutch
(French/English mix)

On Visions and Nature and with Nordic Vision photo-tours Kristel Schneider offers different types of workshops and tours, to ensure that every budget
and needs are catered for, and:

  • private attention
  • small groups
  • designed to your requirements
  • natural and informal tuition style
  • open to all photography levels
  • professional critique of your photos


Create you own workshop | One-on-one Photography Workshop

Personal instruction, 100 % quality time, customized to your needs.
Create your own workshop.

During this workshop you will deepen your personal photography skills by discussing your already used photography techniques and views on Photography.
You will get personal field training with Kristel and explore together creative compositions and visions. Depending on your personal photography needs, different equipment will be discussed and used during the field training.

Duration: 1 day (more days can be discussed)
All year round and with flexible schedule.
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Creative compositions Photography Workshop

Start moving and let your creative imagination go wild
(all year around)

During this photo workshop you will learn to create abstract images by using different camera techniques like the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) camera technique, camera double expose and the use manual lenses etc.
After this workshop you will know that you can actually create different moods and atmospheres in your image just by looking at your scene more carefully and think ahead before you start moving the camera or put images on top of
each other. Also you will learn how different weather elements can play an important role in your composition like rain and wind.

Duration: 1 day (more days can be discussed)
All year round and with flexible schedule.
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– Auvergnes flora  photography workshop

May, June, July

During this photo workshop you will learn to capture the local wild flora in a way that will rise above the standard snapshot images.  By looking at color contrast,  learn to create atmosphere in a composition, focus on details and work with different depth of field. For those who like to create more creative compositions we can look at different photography techniques and methods. The Auvergne is a paradise for wild flowers, from hillside meadows to mountain fields covered with colors. We will explore some local wetlands with rare carnivora plants and different types of cotton-grass,  not to forget the many wild Orchid species that grow in the region.

Duration: 1 day (more days can be discussed)
All year round and with flexible schedule.
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Improve your technique  Photography Workshop

Digital Photography, from automatic to manual.

During this workshop you will learn the basics of (nature) photography and practice photography on the field. Kristel will show you not only how to build up your photo but also look at the basics of a good composition.
Duration: from 11am till 15.30 pm
All year round and with flexible schedule.
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Photo-tours:   Auvergne | France   –   Italy|Dolomites
Instructor:           Photographer Kristel Schneider

– Autumn Auvergne |  Photo-tour
(for Nordic Vision photo-tours – photography travel company )

one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. A season full with colors and atmosphere

  • A season full with colors and atmosphere
  • Forest lakes, brooks and little waterfalls
  • Landscape- and macro photography mix
  • Abstract photography with Intentional Camera Movement technique
  • Guided by photographer Kristel Schneider

During the 8 days we will explore this beautiful mysterious forest landscape and visit a couple of lakes in the middle of the forest. We will explore the high Chaumes du Forez with its wetlands and open landscapes. You will discover a beautiful old glacial valley.  We strive to organize at least two photo discussions, focusing on how to create effective compositions (what works what does not) learning to look differently (eye for detail) and depending on the groups experience some basic image processing. The program includes short walks in nature to forests and lakes (depending on the weather conditions) and we will drive higher up in the mountains. This is not just a photo-tour but a workshop with professional guidance, where the group is kept small so that everyone gets personal attention and practical tips in the field.

5-7 participants: (only a couple of places left)

Date:  October 15 – 22, 2017
8 days – 7 nights


New in 2017

– Italian Dolomites |  Photo-tour
(for Nordic Vision photo-tours – photography travel company )

  •  UNESCO heritage
  •  Magnificent mountain ranges – stone cathedrals
  •  Spring, the season of fresh colors and new Life  
  •  (Intimate) Landscape | Close-up Photography
  •   Wild flowers photography  
  •   Guided by photographer Kristel Schneider

    What to expect during this 8-day photography tour: we will visit several Nature Parks, like the Ampezzo Dolomites, the Fanes -Sennes -Brais, the Sesto/Tre Cime Dolomites. We will look at how the sunlight plays on the mesmerising mountain ranges and see mist disappear in the valleys and over the peaks. You will discover one of Italy’s most beautiful mountain lakes. There will be plenty of opportunities to focus on close-ups, macro and other Spring subjects: flowering mosses, Alpine Snowbell,Gentiane, the rare Lady’s slipper orchid and many other wild flowers.
    Date: June 10-17 2017
    8 days – 7 nights
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Tre cime in the clouds with afternoon sunlight just after a storm






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