What workshop-phototour members are saying:


  • I came back for a second day with Kristel because photographing with her is a great learning experience and she helps me to perfect my compositions. She is also great company and a pleasure to be with – Peter| UK
  • “Kristel heeft een vrije, losse stijl, zonder haar doel (en daarmee het doel van de reis) uit het oog te verliezen. Op fotografie gebied is ze een kei. Ze weet altijd om de deelnemers af te laten wijken van hun eigen “kijk” op de materie. Ik gebruik bewust het woord kijk i.p.v. visie. Ikzelf bijvoorbeeld heb weinig tot niets met macro, maar uiteindelijk lag ik toch op de grond om een foto te maken van een paddenstoel…., ik bedoel maar. Ik vond de fotobesprekingen ook erg prettig en leerzaam.” – Peer|The Netherlands
  • “De Auvergne is prachtig. Ik heb zeker in de ochtenden mooie foto’s gemaakt. Het oefenen met de Intentional Camera Movement was wat mij betreft prima. Daar kan ik zeker mee verder.
    Het hotel was prima en het personeel was heel coöperatief.  Kristel is leuk, gezellig en flexibel. Ik heb een prima week gehad. Lekker intensief, mijn hoofd was weer helemaal leeg en klaar voor nieuwe dingen. Heerlijk veel frisse lucht. Het was er ook kouder dan ik had gedacht. Een Franse collega beaamde dat: de Auvergne is de koudste plek van Frankrijk.”- Marjan | The Netherlands
  • “De begeleiding van Kristel was prima. Ze had een mooie accommodatie uitgekozen en de fotolocaties waren ook o.k.. Ze had zelfs enkele reserve locaties ter beschikking. Het weer had ze beter moeten plannen en afspreken met de Franse weermakers :-). Ik heb een fijne en toffe foto vakantie gehad, fijne ploeg en toffe begeleiding. Een tevreden fotograaf.” – Jozef | België
  • De begeleiding door Kristel is heel prettig en enthousiast. Op locatie heb je alle tijd om je foto’s te maken. Kristel liep bij iedereen langs om mee te kijken en tips te geven. Ze is heel laagdrempelig en prettig kritisch, uitdagend om echt de perfecte foto te creëren. De gezamenlijke fotobesprekingen waren heel leerzaam. Het blijft bijzonder om te een hoe iedereen op dezelfde locatie toch totaal andere foto’s maakt. Het is een heel mooi gebied met veel mogelijkheid tot het maken van prachtige foto’s variërend van bossen, reflecties op een spiegelglad meer met ochtendmist tot rustieke Franse dorpen met authentieke begraafplaatsen (heel fotogeniek).”- Gery | The Netherlands
  • It was such a pleasure to spend a day with Kristel that the learning happened all on its own. Her ability to analyse photographic challenges, communicate the issues and discuss solutions make her a brilliant tutor – Peter | UK
  • This was Kristel’s first tour for Nordic Vision and my first Nordic Vision tour. I think Nordic Vision did well engaging Kristel. Her knowledge of the Auvergne landscape and area is a great bonus”-Francisca/ The Netherlands
  • “Best of Auvergne photo-tour” was a joy. As a local Kristel knew great locations, and it was well organized. She is alert to the needs of the participants. She is a skilled and creative photographer and a good teacher”- Carolien /The Netherlands
  • Erg leuke leerzame fotoweek gehad. Kristel is erg makkelijk benaderbaar met moeilijke en minder moeilijke vragen. Voor ieders niveau geschikt. Erg fijn op pad te zijn met iemand die de lokaties goed kent. En leerzame fotobesprekingen op de koop toe. Zeer aan te bevelen dus- Ina/The Netherlands
  • “The places Kristel took us were great and with her instructions my pictures are really improved”-Joanne/The Netherlands
  • “I spent a very pleasant day with Kristel in the gorgeous Chaudefour Valley, We were blessed by the weather, lightly snowy, cloudy and sunny at once. She provided me with lots of tips to see landscapes differently and be creative, so I can improve my photography style”- Irina/Germany(France)
  • “This photo workshop was a great enrichment! Kristel not only showed me a different approach to photography but also one of the probably most impressive valleys of Auvergne” –
  • “Kristel selected suitable locations for the goals of the workshop. Although the second goal got a bit under time pressure, I personally don’t mind. Better to stick to the first thing if you’re still learning with that, than to pursue too much just because you planned so. Some nice discussions about photography in general as well 😉
    All in all a very nice day that I can recommend to anyone interested in the subject” – Han/The Netherlands
  •  “Je suis vraiment enchantée par cette journée ! Au préalable, Kristel fait preuve de beaucoup d’organisation (observation de la météo, analyse de mes photos). Le programme de la journée est bien construit avec, avant la pratique sur le terrain, une courte séquence théorique (analyse des connaissances et des besoins, références à des photographes…). Apprendre à composer une photo en sa compagnie est un grand plaisir car elle sait transmettre sa belle vision des choses. De plus, elle a réussi à me faire abandonner le mode “ouverture” au profit du mode “manuel” et ça, c’est une performance !! ” –Christine/France
  • ” We had a great day and learned a lot. My camera is less a black box now. I have changed my thinking and usage from semi automated analog way of working to manual digital by using all the options I have available. Thanks Kristel for your clear explanations. Looking forward to the next level ” – Coert/ The Netherlands
  • ” Kristel made me to commit to manual mode photographing and challenged me to look better. Looking forward to practice what I have learned ” – Bernard / The Netherlands
  • ” My wife and I recently spent three wonderful days with Kristel in the Puy de Dôme area of Auvergne. The weather was so unusual for late May – we saw very little sun – mostly rain, snow, sleet, hail or just overcast. Temperatures hovered between -5C and +5C. We were wet and cold all the time, yet it was the absolute highlight of our two (rainy) weeks in France.
    Kristel warned us about weather conditions before we arrived, and we searched around Paris and found a little Alpine hiking store where we could buy some cold weather hats, gloves and extra layers. When we arrived in Auvergne, we loved the inn Kristel had recommended, and I was stunned by the beautiful panoramic view just a few hundred yards behind the inn.
    Kristel adapted to the unusual weather and brought us to beautiful locations to shoot. Although most meals were eaten on location (mountaintops at sunset, or in the car before a hike), she also brought us to a wonderful restaurant in Boudes and another mountaintop restaurant on top of Col de la Croix-Morand, where we enjoyed some typical farm-country cuisine.
    We spent long days together, and loved every minute. My wife, who is not a photographer, very much enjoyed our time with Kristel, which of course is critical to the success of any trip together! Kristel is very knowledgeable about Auvergne, and the time spent with her was fun and educational for both of us.
    We loved Auvergne – it was absolutely the most interesting and beautiful of the regions of France which we visited (including Paris and Dordogne) – and we intend to return as soon as possible, probably this time in autumn for fall colors. And we definitely will have a return engagement with Kristel! Highly recommended! ” – Steve / USA
  • What a super workshop, efficient, well organized, lovely countryside and pleasant hotel. A great experience! “- Oswald | Italy/ France
  • “We had a workshop on a sunny day with the whole family in an impressive environment. We understood that photography is more than using the ‘Program’-option. Keep your lenses open, Kristel!” – Filip | Belgium
  • “I am truly happy I followed the workshop. On the cold autumn day, Kristels’ enthusiasm for photography and the Auvergne region and her patience, did warm me! I learned a lot and my objective of the day was met; with my newly learned skills I will go out more often to take pictures of the gorgeous Auvergne region!” – Margriet | France
  • “Kristel gives you a lot of space to expose your skills without the feeling you are a dummy.” – Dorothé | France
  • ” Had a fantastic day. I arrived not really knowing how to use my camera properly and I left a manual shooter. I left with lots of new skills and I’m really pleased that I followed through on the impulse to join one of Kristel’s workshops ”.
    Patty | UK
  • I learned a lot from Kristel and she explained things clearly. I have been practicing with my camera with some very interesting results! “. – Bert | The Netherlands
  • “ I am very pleased because it has been extremely worthwhile doing a one-on-one natureI learned a lot from Kristel and she explained things clearly. I have been practicing with my camera with some very interesting results! “. – Bert | The Netherlands
  • “ I am very pleased because it has been extremely worthwhile doing a one-on-one nature workshop. In that way all my questions were answered. Kristel’s enthusiasm, patience has definitely encouraged me. The workshop is excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anybody who would like to improve his skills”. – Ilse |The Netherlands
  • “Excellent workshops in a beautiful surroundings!
    Kristel really knows the area and the best spots. She teaches with a personal passion and love for the area and photography. I really enjoyed myself “. – Kirsten | The Netherlands
  • “Photo Travel Review Magazine recommends Kristel’s workshops | PTR Team Member Bill Lockhart first became acquainted with the work of Kristel Schneider while serving as a Moderator at NatureScapes.net — he was impressed with her work as a photographer because of her way of capturing the extraordinary from the ordinary.  Several of her photographs have been featured as Photos of the Week at the site”, -Bill | USA.
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