Interview with photographer Emmanuel Boitier

Series interview with Nature Photographers by Kristel Schneider ‘ I’m keener on photographers who show skills and know-how in the long run than on those who produce a very good shot every now and then’ When I moved  to the French region Auvergne from the Netherlands I noticed a difference in the attitude of photographers. In Holland it is common to go out with…

Interview with Photographer: Leon Baas

Visions and Nature Photographers interview by Kristel Schneider  ‘…more attracted by the bugs on the beautiful flowers than by the bride. ‘ I have come to know  Leon via Wildpixels, a Dutch nature forum. We were both moderators for the macro section. Leon’s work made me look  at macro photography differently. The first images I saw by him were insects surrounded by spectacular light….

Interview with Photographer Jeroen Stel

Visions and Nature Nature Photographers interviews by Kristel Schneider ..“do my own thing” and not be bothered with the opinions of others and this works well for me I attended my first nature photography workshop with Jeroen in the Netherlands, many years ago already. He had a great way of telling us about his passion and this was really inspiring and motivating people, as…

Interview Kristel

Nature photographer Mike Moats has interviewed me about Macro Photography for his Blog: Tiny Landscapes. You can read the interview here.

Interview with Photographer | Samuel Bitton

Visions and Nature Photographers interview thing that I like less than others, it would have to be the early rises!! ‘ ‘WOW’,  that was the sound that guided my eyes when I first saw Samuels work.  The light, the colours and the openness in his work made me love it immediately. By looking at his work you can tell he loves and respects the…