Thank you!

Wow, what an overwhelming response I got yesterday after I send out my mailing.
And they still keep coming in. Many of you subscribed to the blog by just adding
their email address by singing in on: blog subscriptions. Others just dropped me a line
with some nice feedback and compliments.

‘Impressive clarity, composition and subject  selection Looks wonderful and the photography’s not bad too ;-> Great work/job
Beautiful photography
Good luck with your new blog!


It is always exciting to see when people actually are reading the email you send out.
Even more exiting is when the readers click on the links and browse through the new website  or visit pages on the new blog. My web-analytics shows me that readers  actually spend quite some time on both sites.

So, thanks to all of you readers the new beginnings started out great!

Thank you!

One Comment on “Thank you!

  1. Now, isn’t that great to be thanked for looking and reading someone else’s work ! Great initiative.

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