Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW

There are many bags on the market so sometimes it is hard to decide witch one is best to buy.  Not every bag has all the acquirements you are looking for.

I was looking for a bag that:
–         Is not too big.
–         Is easy to carry along.
–         Is all weather resistant and totally waterproof.
–         Is easy to open and close.
–         Would fit my 5Dmark II body with a Canon 70-200L IS attached.
–         Has some extra space for filters, backup batteries and memory cards.

Emmanuel Boitier is using the Lowepro Toploader Pro so I took a closer look at the series and found all what I was looking for in the 75 AW Pro model. You have three models in the Lowepro Toploader AW series: 65 AW, 70 AW and the 75 AW. Price for the 75 AW is around 90 Eur.

After some searching on the net I found my bag for 56 Eur (incl. Shipping) on Ebay, brand new!

The last couple of weeks I carried the Toploader with me and I can tell you that from now on this bag will come with me wherever I go. The new design from the Lowepro Toploader Pro series really fulfills all requirements that a (professional) photographer is looking for in a bag.

On the YouTube I found a nice little promo video from Canadian photographer, Mike Crane. He created this video review of the Toploader Pro 75 AW in snowy winter conditions.


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