Horsetail plants

Horsetail Plants
by Kristel Schneider

One of my favourite places in  Auvergne is the Massif du Cézallier. An open area with lots of  different landscapes.  There are volcano lakes, little brooks and wetlands. The amount of different wild plants that grow there is enormous.

Driving up to the Cézallier   always means new discovery to me. This can be a plant I have never seen or a certain  light that appears in front of my eyes  because of the fast changing weather conditions.

The last time I was there, the weather was not that great. But along a little lake there were these nice Horsetail plants in bloom.

I decided to spend some time with them  and try to get some different angle and background shots. My eyes were constantly pulled towards the  white blooming bud with the brown little patches on it, so fantastic to look at.

The wind provided me with  the background I wanted, just a little bit of movement to get rid of the static look of the stem. I definitely will go back there to get some more detail shots of the stem and try to get a nice back-light shots, but that is for later.

The images on this page were all taken with a 5DMII Canon body in combination with a 150mm Sigma Macro lens .

Marsh Horsetail
Equisetum palustre

Horsetails (Equisetaceae) are perennial, ornamental plants that grow from creeping rhizomes. They look like miniature bamboos because of their single hollow, jointed stem with bristle-like branches. During prehistoric times, they grew as large trees.

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