The ‘old box’

In the past everybody had these old shoe boxes with loads of paper images or even  original negatives in them. Always fun to sit on the old attic floor and look through the entire stack of old photos. Nowadays you have a hard- disk (s) full of RAW images, less romantic but also fun to look at. Sometimes you find an image that, back then, you were not totally sure about. And now, after not seeing it for years, you think ‘hey this is not a bad image !’.

As for the image I published below, I remember the day when I took it. Then I had loved the different textures and the nice colour pallet. But back home I had been disappointed with the result and it never landed in my ‘to publish box’ till a couple of days ago.

Sometimes it is good to take some distance from your work and let time pass before you actually work on them and decide if this is a keeper or is ready for the trash bin.

2 Comments on “The ‘old box’

  1. I think you are very right. Sometimes images we take need time to grow on us. Just came across your blog and just think this is a lovely little close up of natures variety both in terms of colours and shapes. Good work to find the picture again. Never trash a picture, you never know…

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