Winter finally shows its face.

The last couple of days temperatures finally dropped below zero.
Winter finally shows its face.

This morning my dog woke me up at 05h.30 so I decided to get dressed in some warm layer and go out into the cold.  My goals was to get some images with white frozen trees. Around the house there was some fog but no white trees  so I drove in the direction of Billom (Auvergne, France) a local village that is located in a nice valley with hills.

I was lucky, the trees where totally white and the mist was hanging low in the valley.
With the first sun light arriving soon I had to hurry. Arriving at one of my favorite spots the hills where totally in the mist and the sun was getting higher.  So there was nothing else to do then wait. After 15 minutes the little Capel La Salette on top of  a hill was isolated by some sunlight in the mist. Lucky me.

Then the mist disappeared slowly from the hills.

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