Image of the month February 2012

Image of the month February 2012
by Kristel Schneider

For me this image represents the ‘horror’ winter from February 2012. The Siberian cold
spread over Europe at the beginning of this month with temperatures like -20ºc and northern winds, which felt like – 40ºc. For almost three weeks big parts of France were in code Orange weather alert  for cold.  Like the Auvergne region, where I took this image.

That day the light was not that great but I decided to go out and have a look at a  lake close by. The water was frozen and the wind had created some nice waves in the ice. I was looking for some nice ice details and while I was focusing on some parts of the lake, I had the feeling I was looking at a glacier in the mist. An intimate  Ice Landscape in a lake.

2 Comments on “Image of the month February 2012

  1. Love your image. Without knowing the context, it also looks like it could just as easily be a really wide, expansive landscape shot of the arctic, taken from an airplane.

    Hard to believe you guys are freezing over there. Here in the middle of Canada, we’re having probably one of THE warmest winters in recorded history. We can no longer skate on our pond because everything is melting. I love in the ‘snowbelt’, which is a part of North America which is know for very snowy winters. And they were when I was growing up in the 70’s. But not anymore. If anyone doesn’t believe in global climate change, they should come here. This is two years in a row we haven’t been able to cross-country ski because we didn’t have enough snow when we had the time to ski. We snowshoed once, skated about 4 times. That’s it. Not much fun winter activity.

    Send us some of your cold weather. I’d be grateful for it! :o)

    • Thanks for the feedback on the image!
      And maybe you have a cold day today, because now it feels like spring again….so nothing is so unpredictable like the weather. In one day all the snow melted (520 meters above 700 meters is still snow).

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