Reportage – Old Flour Mill

Reportage – Old flour Mill
by Kristel Schneider

Le Moulin de Graveyroux –
Saint-Dier d’Auvergne –

A couple of weeks ago I made a photo reportage about an old flour mill, le Moulin de Graveyroux in Saint-Dier d’Auvergne, constructed in 1850. The old owner was very proud to show me around. This mill still provides flour for a many bakers in Livradois-Forez, the regional park in  Auvergne, France. The owner is one of the many ‘artisans’ still working according to the traditional way.

The image below is from a Plansichter, the oldest working machine in France.
The plansichter is a back-and-forth sieve to sift the grounded grain.

Oldest working 'Plansichter' machine in France
The light was poor in the flour mill so I used my flash for some fill light. All images are taken with a Canon 5DMII – 24-105 mm lens.

Click here for the whole photo reportage.

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