The first Woman Only Nature Photography Tour in Iceland

Iceland – Photography Workshop for Woman Only
Southern Iceland and Highlands in 9 days

Photographers: Kristel Schneider and Marketa Kalvachova
Date: 4 – 12 July 2013

Iceland, an inspiriting and unique popular destination amongst photography tourists. This is one of the reasons why Kristel Schneider and Marketa Kalvachova have chosen this destination for the first women’s only Nature Photography Workshop Tour. To explore top photographic locations in a female only environment participants will reconnect with themselves, develop their creativity and most of all feel free in a group who shares the same interests and creative mindset.

What to expect during this trip
Diverse scenery will take your breath away as well as the different light conditions and untouched nature sceneries. We will explore the South coast of Iceland by car and along walking trails. Although the main focus will be Landscape Photography those of you who like macro or close-up photography will have plenty of opportunities to indulge during the walks. You will get personal field instruction and photo feedback. There will be no competition or lots of technical talks but a great learning experience, and of course a lot of fun with great out-door activities. We will travel in a small group and sleep in guesthouses whose warm and welcoming owners will make you feel at home. In the evening we will share enjoyable nice local food.

Photographic topics
Glaciers, glaciers lagoons with ice rocks, rugged coastlines, waterfalls, meadows with wild flowers, spouting geyser, seals, hot bath and much more.

Term and duration
4 – 12 July 2013  – 9 days and 8 nights

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