New | Newfoundland Photography Tour

2013 Newfoundland Landscape Photography Tour
by Kristel Schneider and Kyle McDougall

Date: May 24th – June 2nd 2013

Featuring Photographers :

Kyle McDougall (Canadian) & Kristel Schneider (Dutch)
in cooperation with: McCarthy’s Party Limited from St. John’s

What to expect to see during this trip:

Lots of different scenery that will take your breath away. The island of Newfoundland is outlined with a rugged coastline of steep cliffs and rocky beaches. On top of this you will find numerous bays and with small communities called “out-ports” and lots of different restored old lighthouses. Newfoundland is one of the best places to see nature in an untouched way, with dramatic coastlines and ancient rock formations.

Although the main focus will be Landscape Photography people who like wildlife can expect to spot Whales and sea-birds from the shore or during the whale-watching boat tour. The icing on the cake will be the chance to view and photograph Icebergs.

Photography topics: 
Steep cliffs and rocky beaches, dramatic coastlines and ancient rock formations, old lighthouses, rugged coastlines, Icebergs, old fishing communities,
whales, colony of Northern Gannets, puffins  and much more”.

Tour Outline and more information:  click here

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