Snow dunes

PNR Livradois Forez
by Kristel Schneider

Last Friday I had a nice snowshoe walk in the ‘ Monts du Forez’.
For my photo assignment I wanted to have a second look at the lake from the dam des Pradeaux. The night before it had snowed and the forecast for that Friday was sun with some clouds.  When I parked my car at the Col Les Pradeaux (1.196 m altitude) the clouds were still hanging above the  Nordic ski slope for the children.

Les-Pradeaux-in-the-mistI was hoping for more snow on the trees around the lake than the first time I was there , but unfortunately that side is early in the sun and when I arrived the trees looked green with some powder snow on it, too bad for me.  Lake-Les-Pradeaux_3

The lake was frozen and totally covered with snow, the wind had created some nice snow dunes. I got attracted by the lines and shades.

Balancing in the deep snow I managed to get some lower angle shots.
The sun was nicely reflecting on the top of the dunes, which made it challenging to get details in the bright whiteness of the snow.
I also had to be careful that my tripod did  not slide down in the deep snow while I was focusing. It would not be the first time you think that everything is nicely in focus and then, realize that the tripod moved.
snow-waves-on-ice snow-waves-on-ice_3 snow-waves-on-ice_4

7 Comments on “Snow dunes

  1. The all white photos are truly beautiful. I like the bottom one best. I also really like the top one – even though it is not all white. I like the way the trees are partly obscured by cloud or mist. Beautiful!

  2. These photos are so beautiful ! I love high key photos and I’m always impressed when I see one, as I seem to struggle in succeeding to produce one ! Truly amazing shots !

    • Thank you Jocelyne for your compliments ! I think winter is finally moving away! Although its officially Spring today, the weather is slowly
      acting adapting to the season. Have a nice day!

      • It doesn’t look like spring here ! We had 20 cm of snow two days ago 🙂 Have a beautiful day too !

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