Winter scenery in Spring

Spring 2013
by Kristel Schneider

Snow and Frost
May 24, 2013


Just back home from a three-day Photo Tour  I organized in the Auvergne for two Americans.  One of the photo subjects was Col de la Croix St Robert in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park. Due to the weather conditions we unfortunately had to skip the sunrise session. Instead we got lots of snow, fog and frosty trees later on in the morning.  Not quite what they (and me) expected during this Spring Photo Tour in the Auvergne.

We were immediately hooked to a little area with birch trees and bushes.
At one moment the sky opened up for a while and in the last image you can see the seasonal contrast. A winter scenery in the front with in the background the Spring greens in the fields.


One Comment on “Winter scenery in Spring

  1. Hey Kristel thank you,
    Beautiful work … as always!
    I hope for you that the spring and the summer will come now very soon in the Auvergne :)))
    Good Luck, André Brenders

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