My new friend in the field, Redged TSC -427 K

Redged travel tripod review (1)
by Kristel Schneider

My new friend in the field, Redged TSC -427 K

Tripods can be a photographer’s best friend or worst enemies. There are still people who never use a tripod. For me it’s one piece of  photography equipment you can not do without.
When I discuss the importance of a tripod  during my ‘basic’ photography workshops, people often have the same remarks: too heavy, not handy when you need to take a quick shot, takes too much time to set up. Wrong! Nowadays a tripod does not have to be so heavy, as their built and make have evolved tremendously over the years.

People tend to spend a lot of money on cameras and lenses and then choose the cheapest tripod to support them. For me this does not make sense. To get better image results a tripod (and head) are among the most important parts of your equipment. Even a little vibration will cause an off-focus shot.  I never go out in the field without my tripod.

My very first tripod was the Manfrotto 055MF3 magfiber (with  the 488RC2 ball-head). After a couple of years I bought a Feisol CT 3371 in combination (with a KangRinpoch ballhead) both perfect tripods but in the long run the leg-locking buttons got broken during the cold winter hikes. I still use the Feisol tripod although I find it a bit bulky and a relatively heavy tripod for longer hikes.

I decided to look for a travel tripod to use in the field when I have to hike a lot, and keep my Feisol for the ‘heavy duty work’.

My wishlist :
– Light
– No centre column
– Small
– Low to the ground
– A  hook (to hang extra weight when needed)

After reading forums posts and articles online I knew I had to make sacrifices to my wishlist; in the end I decided to go for a Redged tripod TSC-427K (+RNB-2n ball head), despite the existing centre column.


My dog Fudge with the Redged box

My new friend arrived last Friday and I am all excited !

What’s  in the box:
– Tripod
– Ball head (when you buy the  TSC-427K kit)
– Stability hook
– Ground level accessory
– High quality tripod bag
– Easy to read manual

I must say that I am very impressed by the overall presentation of their product. Now it is time to test this tripod in the field. Read my next blog post for the test results and tripod specification.

If you can’t wait and would like to order one yourself, or read more about Holland Design, Redged products, just click on the info button below.


One Comment on “My new friend in the field, Redged TSC -427 K

  1. Looking forward to reading more when you have tested your new tripod. Are the specs the same as the tsa-327k? I have also been looking at buying the tsc-425k.

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