What makes you tick?

What makes you tick?
by Kristel Schneider

What makes you tick?
Photography for me and for you?

Today I read a blog post from photographer Kari Post about an interview she had with a little girl for her school project. The girl wants to be a nature photographer one day and  one of the questions she asked Kari was; do you like what you do?  “I love it, I think it is really important to find something you are passionate about. If what you are doing doesn’t make you happy, then you have to ask yourself why you are doing it.” – Kari Post

Do you like what you do? A question I think everybody has to answer once in their lives.
A couple of years ago, I also had to answer the same question and my answer back then did not start with, I love it…..and  in 2007, I made a choice: I decided to follow my spouse and moved from the Netherlands to the Auvergne| France I traded my good earning job as a communications consultant to become a photographer and devote myself entirely to my passion; photography. And if someone  asked me the same question now, in 2013,
I can say without no doubts, I love it!

Some nature Photographers who I interviewed for Visions and Nature answered with:

” I came to photography because of nature, I was always extremely interested in nature. I painted it, and as a child I was a hunter. I grew up in a culture with a very deep hunting tradition. I hunted until I started caring and feeling about animals so much that in the end I did not understand why we had to kill them. So I traded my guns for cameras when I was 14 years old. It felt so natural to me. Since then I have been out every day to look at the tracks in the snow or to listen to the birds and look at the animals. Nature for me goes very deep. Nature Photography is my language; I speak it better than English…” – Jim Brandenburg

” I have worked as art director, and later a creative director, in advertising for over 15 years. I have created myths; worlds of make belief, using images that are far beyond reality. What I like about nature photography is in the first place nature itself, but also the fact that nature can be just as impressive or touching, and often even more, than the fake world that we see on billboards and in commercials every day. In many ways my switch to nature photography is basically an escape to reality…”Marsel van Oosten

” Having worked in the fashion industry for many years as a fashion designer I realized I was always working and thinking in boxes which limited my creativity. By working as a full time nature and wildlife photographer I have now limitless possibilities in making creative  images. Moreover  nature is the most beautiful “office” to work in…” – Jeroen Stel

You can feel that they are passionate about what  they are doing, Nature Photography.
Their desire was to be in Nature, creative and enjoy every minute of it.

What would your answer be on:
What makes you tick? What would you do with your life if money was no object?
How would you really enjoy spending your life ?

Photographer Hank Perry replied on the same blog post I read today with a video link.
A link from Alan Wilson Watts (6 January 1915 – 16 November 1973) was a British-born philosopher, writer, and speaker.

I like to share with you the same link ….

What do you desire ?

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