Published in book: Les plus belles Forêts d’Auvergne et du Limousin



May 25 the book Les plus belles Forêts d’Auvergne et du Limousin was launched by Page Centrale in Thiers.
This book brings together the best photographs, mostly unpublished,  from the Auvergne and Limousin forests by local photographers.

Photographers: Philippe Aboulin, Jean-Francois Amelot, Benoît Barres, Philippe Bousseaud, Remi Flament, Fabrice Cahez Cyril Coudert, Forest Follies, Patrick Morand, Luc Olivier, Museum of chestnut Montjoux Didier Pepin Christophe Rué, Kristel Schneider and Fabrice Vincent. Text by: Claudy Combe, forest engineer.

I am happy to be part of this beautiful book, with 15 of my tree/forest scene images published.

The book format is 24*30cm, has 168 pages with 94 images text in France .
ISBN 9791090367210

Here are links to see some of the pages:

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