Reflections …..and plans 2017

by Kristel Schneider

The last days of the year. For many of us, this is now a time of reflection.

2016 was a year that showed us the crazy world we live in ; terrorist attacks, wars and big political changes. We lost loved ones and idols.
A year that you would like to forget quickly and move on….but there is more….more and more we see the effects of our  behavior on nature, climate change, animals that are being killed to prevent them from coming too close to our so called ‘civilization’, like the foxes in London or the wolves in the countryside and so many other wild animals by hunters all over the world.

Snow in march

All these sad things  almost make us forget to look at the good things we have achieved and the great moments we should cherish.

Last year I wrote about my first difficult years in the photography industry. I also wrote that “you have to grow into your job”. Even so, it is still a difficult field to work in and I am still learning about its ‘culture, politics’. I have not reached the point where I would like to be, but luckily enough, I can look back again at a successful photography year which opened  new opportunities, travels,  images and  publications.

I am very happy 2016 gave me the opportunity to finish my little tour with my first solo show “Variations in Trees” (in France and in Italy ). I had a 10-page publication in Swedish magazine, Camera Natura ; published my second article on Dutch website In French magazine Macro Photography I could get a 14-page publication and 15 of my images have been published in the book ‘Fôrets d’Auvergne‘. It is the second year that I have worked with Nordic Vision photo tours and I have very good memories about the 2nd tour I guided for them, in Auvergne last Autumn. As a result, I will guide the tours  in my region and abroad in 2017.

Publicatie Camera Nature nr 1 2016_b

2016 was also the year that brought me 2 photo competition recognitions : highly-commended Biophotocontest 2016 and 1st price International Photo competition Natur Namur 2016 and my first video debut for French newspaper La Montagne, in their video series “La Montage Images” featuring local photographers. Last but not least, the Lowland Photo-festival experience, where I was invited to give a photo lecture  in front of a 600 + audience about my Variations in Trees.

© Jef Pauwels

© Jef Pauwels

Now is the time to thank all of those who visited and attended the presentation, the shows, workshops and photo-tour for their nice company, feedback, and comments.

For the coming year, I already have exciting photography ideas, a private photo project, a new photo tour destination, a lecture and new challenges planned and already scheduled. But I will tell you more about it when the time has come. To all new followers on my blog “Visions on Nature”, Facebook or other social media, I would like to thank you all for your support and the encouraging feedback you wrote over 2016.

To all of you, I wish a very happy, creative and healthy New Year, with many moments of beautiful light. Let us meet in 2017, be it in the field, at a festival or just online.

Thanks !



4 Comments on “Reflections …..and plans 2017

  1. Congratulations on a wonderful and productive year. We are proud of you.
    Bob and Jane

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