Trees in movement

This morning it was all foggy and gray but this did not hold me from taking the car and drive to the forest. I was looking for some nice mist layers but ended up with some frozen bushes and trees. Because of the overcast weather the forest was full with different tints of gray light. I decided to take some movement shots. The moody atmosphere and different  gray and brown tints of the forest worked out nicely.

For these kind of images you need trees that are skinny or have a nice shape. It is also important to look at the background and the sky because when you move your camera up or down these elements can have an impact on your image. Set your camera on a slow shutter speed so that you have some time to move your camera in the directions you like. Just take a couple of sample shots and then compose your composition.

All taken with 5Dmark II|EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM|F22| ND filter 4| hand-held

Lowepro Toploader Pro 75 AW

There are many bags on the market so sometimes it is hard to decide witch one is best to buy.  Not every bag has all the acquirements you are looking for.

I was looking for a bag that:
–         Is not too big.
–         Is easy to carry along.
–         Is all weather resistant and totally waterproof.
–         Is easy to open and close.
–         Would fit my 5Dmark II body with a Canon 70-200L IS attached.
–         Has some extra space for filters, backup batteries and memory cards.

Emmanuel Boitier is using the Lowepro Toploader Pro so I took a closer look at the series and found all what I was looking for in the 75 AW Pro model. You have three models in the Lowepro Toploader AW series: 65 AW, 70 AW and the 75 AW. Price for the 75 AW is around 90 Eur.

After some searching on the net I found my bag for 56 Eur (incl. Shipping) on Ebay, brand new!

The last couple of weeks I carried the Toploader with me and I can tell you that from now on this bag will come with me wherever I go. The new design from the Lowepro Toploader Pro series really fulfills all requirements that a (professional) photographer is looking for in a bag.

On the YouTube I found a nice little promo video from Canadian photographer, Mike Crane. He created this video review of the Toploader Pro 75 AW in snowy winter conditions.



First I wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of great photography moments!

Between all these nice dinners and kitchen table talks I took some time to walk in nature to get a fresh nose and capture some winter-shots. One day I was out around 4 PM and the sun was on its way down. Tree branches and grass where covered with ice and snow and the low shadows created a nice atmosphere. I decided to put the tracks from a tractor (?) in the frame to create a  ‘eye focus’ lines in the image.

(Canon EOS 5DMark II, 70-200mm at 155, F18, 1/40S, 250ISO, hand held)

Protect your gear in the Winter!

  • Keep your batteries warm. The cold can quickly take the energy out of any battery, but warming them up can restore much of their power.
  • Warm your camera slowly.  When you return to a warm place (your home or car) warm your camera slowly by putting it in a camera bag or zip-lock bag. If you walk into the house with a cold camera, it will instantly become covered with condensation.  Anyone who wears glasses will know exactly what I’m talking about. 
  • Balance ‘the body’ temperature. Although it is tempting to put your camera under your jacket after every shot you take, personally I don’t advice it.  Warming and cooling your camera will cause condensation and render your camera unusable. It is easier to brush falling snow off a cold camera as well.  Falling snow on a warm camera makes for first a wet, then a frozen mess.  And don’t don’t try to blow snow off your camera with your breath it can also freeze.
  • Protect your tripod legs. If your tripod legs have no foam or other protection around the legs you can wrap you them with pipe insulation.  This makes them easier on the hands in the cold.

Happy holiday

Happy holiday!

Dear (photography) friends,
thank you very much for the critiques, suggestions,
inspiration and encouragement I got from you during the year.

I wish you all a very nice Christmas and Happy New Year, have a great 2011!


Canon 40D| with 70-200 L Lens at F22


Although I am not a Pentax user  in this case I don’t mind to make some free publicity.  Click on this link and watch a little video, then you understand why !
What do you think am I famous ?!

Through a Facebook friend, Mike Muizebelt I got this funny link.

Sunrise Puy de Dôme, Auvergne France

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