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Avoid disappointment by doing some research
published (23-02-2016) on Nature Photo Portal
text and images by Kristel Schneider

With all the social media networks you can find tons of publications about photography workshops and photo-tours. One even more appealing than the other, accompanied with stunning images from breathtaking destinations. When reading such a profusion, where do you start? What do you look for? What will fit your photography skills ? To avoid disappointments afterwards you have to start by asking yourself some questions and do some research.


First things first

There you are, you have just bought your camera ; and now you know almost nothing about the basic photography techniques. Or let’s say that you are still a beginner and you would like to find out more about the basics of photography. You tell yourself, “Why don’t I join a photography workshop ?” There, it is true, you will be able to observe, learn and discuss your ideas with trained photographers.

That is a start, now you know that your goal is to deepen your photography skills and knowledge. Good, from now on you can look for workshops with subjects where your personal interests lie (landscape, close-up or macro, wildlife -photography etc.). Personally I think that everybody who is interested in photography, from beginner to professional, could benefit from workshops, to deepen their skills or just to get a fresh look at a photography subject and get inspired again or just challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. Moreover, and that is also a point worth mentioning, it is also fun to be surrounded with people who have the same interest and talk ‘the same language’ as you do.

A lot of workshops are organized by enthusiastic amateur photographers who really want to share things about their area or about their favorite subjects. It is all very thrilling and exciting but, now is the time to think things over and maybe ponder on the experience of a photographer. Can he/she actually teach you something new ? Photographers who work full-time in the field and make their living from it, can often bring out a wider range of photography expertise and give you maybe just that little extra that you are looking for.

I approach photography workshops as a two-way process. As photography is an art of seeing, a form of art, the professional will be the guide to show you the right directions so that you can work towards your own process and style. Another great way to explore your photography is to join a photo-tour instead of a workshop.

What to look for

A photo-tour can be a great experience ; there you explore new destinations, focus on photography without interruption, improve your skills or work on a private subject. In addition to all this, you are with same-minded people with whom you can really interact and exchange with.
The benefit of joining an organized tour is that everything is taken cared of and your ‘hands are free’ to do just that what you want to do : photography. The professionals know the right places and are there to guide you. Because of all the offers on the net and the huge amount of publications, it can be challenging to find the right tour that will fit your personal interest and needs. Not all trips need to take you to faraway exotic places. Indeed everything depends on what you are looking for and what you want to focus on.

Another element you will take into account before making the final decision is often the price. Of course this is important but it is not always the best criteria to base your decision on. Look at what is included and what is not. Do you get photography guidance or not? Is there enough time for you on the different photography spots to discover the area and compose your images. Some tours ‘run’ from one hotspot to the other with hardly any time for you to take photos. Are you out in the field at the right time of the day? Do they offer photo discussion ? Is the tour part of a travel organisation (think about insurance for instance).

Travel organisation benefits

You can find a lot of photo-tours organized by individual photographers, be aware that these tours often do not have the same guaranties as booking the same destination with a photographer who works with a specialised tour operator. For a single photographer it is very expensive to buy in a liability insurance for a group. And it can occur that you will not have the same financial guaranties when the tour is cancelled. All this can make a difference in the photo-tour costs. And we have not reached the point of quality yet.

Group size
To get the right amount of individual attention it is important to look at the group size of the tour you are about to book. You have to admit, there is nothing more irritating than going in to the field with a big group and walk in each other’s way or waiting for guidance when struggling with camera handling or image composition.

Who is leading the tour?
Okay, now you think you are ready. You know where to go, which tour to join. And indeed you have taken everything into account, and the budget fits perfectly well. Have you checked who the main tour-leader is ? No? Why not? Well, no hesitation, you read that the leader of the group is a famous photographer !

A ‘big-name photographer’ as a tour guide is not always a guaranty for success. To lead a tour is not the same as being an artist. The great artist label does not come along the “great teacher” tag. Teaching is not just only about passing knowledge along – otherwise we would be experts just by reading books. Communication skills are not a given fact ; not everybody can be a teacher and knowledge has nothing to do with it. A lesser-known photographer can be just as talented and maybe even more driven and enthusiastic an instructor.

Other useful things to consider are:

  • the photographer’s work/style (website, social media): are you being inspired?
  • the photography vision, the approach: how does the photographer present him/herself ?
  • the knowledge of the destination you are being taken to : does the photographer live in the area or did it regularly visit the area enough to know the good photography locations and  be flexible in the field.
  • feedback from former participants or customers.


To choose a photo-tour or photo-workshop is a decision you make for yourself. It is very personal as you are the only one to really know why you want to do it. There is no good or bad reason why you want to do this. However it is also important to bear in mind that like any product on the market, the most fashionable does not always fit you perfectly. It will give you the impression to have done something but also leave a bitter taste if in the end you have not really achieved what you were originally looking for. How many cupboards are there without THE pair of shoes that seemed impossible to walk in the street without, and that proved terrible to even wear after 10 minutes ?

To organize and man a photo-tour is a job, maybe not so old a profession but it is developing and the people participating are customers and photographers at the same time : they are looking for something special, something that not everybody can satisfy them with. Sometimes enthusiasm is not enough to provide such a service: photo-tour leaders require a combination of skills that go beyond the desire to do it. As we all know it, it is not just because you can do “something” that you can pass that “something” along to other people and accompany them to their own representation of what that “something” is.


Publication in French Photography magazine: Macro Photographie



The French photo magazine, Macro Photographie,  published an overview of my close up work,  a total of 14 pages are published in issue n° 11,  2016.
A beautiful magazine that showcases  the work of 7 photographers  in a full page portfolios in every edition.

I am featured in portfolio  2 witch shows a mix of some of my close up photography (10 pages) and the four-page text reads an  interview and some of my thoughts on photography.

For those who live in France the issue is now for sale in the kiosks.




Happy New Year – thank you!

The last days of the year. For many of us, this is now a time of reflection.

When you are new in a profession, the first years are always difficult, as you need to find your way around. It is particularly true in the photography industry. As I always say, “you have to grow into your job”. Luckily enough, I can look back at a successful photography year which opens to a lot of new opportunities, images and article publications in magazines, and in a book.
I am very happy 2015 gave me the opportunity to make a little tour with my first solo show “Variations in Trees” (in France, Belgium and Denmark). Now is the time to thank all those who visited and attended the shows for their nice feedback and comments. 2015 was also the year when I started working with Nordic Vision photo tours. I have very good memories about the 1st tour I guided for them, in Auvergne last summer. As a result, I will guide new photo tours in my region in 2016.

For the coming year, I already have exciting photography ideas, publications and new challenges planned and already scheduled. But I will tell you more about it when the time has come. To all new followers on my blog “Visions on Nature”, or on Nature Photo Portal, Facebook or other social media, I would like to thank you all for your support and the encouraging feedback you wrote over 2015.

To all of you, I wish a very happy, creative and healthy New Year, with many moments of beautiful light. Let us meet in 2016, be it in the field, at a festival or just online.

Thanks !



Highly commended prize – Lowland photo contest 2015

Just back from the North, ‘de lage landen’ – Lowland photo festival  in Antwerp (Be) and on Saturday-evening during the prize ceremony all the winners were announced from the ten different categories.
This first edition received
more then 8000 images  from 657 photographers.
Per category you have a winner, a runner-up and 3 highly commended .
The overall winner : Lowland Photographer of the year 2015 is – Henri van Vliet with a beautiful image : wild pigs in the snow.

I am happy to announce that my image ‘ Autumn meets winter’ got a Highly commended prize in Abstract, composition and forms.



Highly commended Lowland photo contestl-2015

All other winners can be seen here: http://issuu.com/landschapvzw9/…/lowland_contest_2015_boekje or you can order the book for 5 euros at http://www.landschapvzw.be/finalisten-fotowedstrijd-2015

Highly commended Lowland fotofestival

Book: The most beautiful PHOTOGRAPHS OF AUVERGNE


Today the book Les plus belles photographes d’Auvergne was launched by Page Centrale in Clermont Ferrand.
The book covers the work of 16 photographers, including 6 (full page) pictures, a small biography and interview.

I am happy to be part of this beautiful book,  as one of the chosen photographers presenting their personal theme.
My chapter is called  ‘Nature Figée’ – Frozen Nature. The book has 165 pages and is published with text in two languages France and English.

ISBN 979-10-90367-20-3


book best images Auvergne_1photographers-book




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