Expo photo – Variations in Trees

See you in Hauteville-Lompnes ?!

Variations in Trees

Publication in Swedish magazine: Camera Natura

The Swedish photo magazine, Camera Natura,  published an overview of my  work ;  a total of 10 pages are published in issue n° 1  2016.
A beautiful magazine, that showcases work of 7 photographers, Peter Grahn, Niklas Virsén, Stefan Oscarsson/N, Magnus Martinsson/N, Claes Thorberntsson, Frang Dushaj and Tom Svensson/N

I am featured in the first article, which displays a mix of some of my intimate landscape and close-up photography images (11 images) along with background information about me and  some of my thoughts on photography.

Publicatie Camera Nature nr 1 2016_b





My thoughts are with the people who died in Brussels and
with all the people who lost their loved ones. What a crazy world we live in, chaos!
#jesuisbrussels #brusselsSnow in march

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Wishing you all a nice Sunday afternoon !

Lazy sunday

Publication on Zoom.nl

Publication on dutch photography website, Zoom.nl,
about photography in the French region Auvergne with text and images by Kristel Schneider.
Part 1 about the summer and the winter was published last year, part 2 about the spring and autumn is now online: fototips voor Auvergne, Frankrijk (in Dutch).


Zoom blog publicatie

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