Published in book: Les plus belles Forêts d’Auvergne et du Limousin



May 25 the book Les plus belles Forêts d’Auvergne et du Limousin was launched by Page Centrale in Thiers.
This book brings together the best photographs, mostly unpublished,  from the Auvergne and Limousin forests by local photographers.

Photographers: Philippe Aboulin, Jean-Francois Amelot, Benoît Barres, Philippe Bousseaud, Remi Flament, Fabrice Cahez Cyril Coudert, Forest Follies, Patrick Morand, Luc Olivier, Museum of chestnut Montjoux Didier Pepin Christophe Rué, Kristel Schneider and Fabrice Vincent. Text by: Claudy Combe, forest engineer.

I am happy to be part of this beautiful book, with 15 of my tree/forest scene images published.

The book format is 24*30cm, has 168 pages with 94 images text in France .
ISBN 9791090367210

Here are links to see some of the pages:

Expo photo Variations in Trees – Vic le Comte/Auvergne

Happy that after traveling to Belgium, Denmark and many places in France my expo VARIATIONS IN TREES finally can be seen in Auvergne – Vic le Comte (63)

Hope to see you Auvergnats !

(I will attend the opening on May 16th 2016 at 18h in Vic le Comte, Halle du Jeu de Paume).

Expo photo – Variations in Trees

See you in Hauteville-Lompnes ?!

Variations in Trees

Publication in Swedish magazine: Camera Natura

The Swedish photo magazine, Camera Natura,  published an overview of my  work ;  a total of 10 pages are published in issue n° 1  2016.
A beautiful magazine, that showcases work of 7 photographers, Peter Grahn, Niklas Virsén, Stefan Oscarsson/N, Magnus Martinsson/N, Claes Thorberntsson, Frang Dushaj and Tom Svensson/N

I am featured in the first article, which displays a mix of some of my intimate landscape and close-up photography images (11 images) along with background information about me and  some of my thoughts on photography.

Publicatie Camera Nature nr 1 2016_b





My thoughts are with the people who died in Brussels and
with all the people who lost their loved ones. What a crazy world we live in, chaos!
#jesuisbrussels #brusselsSnow in march

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Wishing you all a nice Sunday afternoon !

Lazy sunday

Publication on

Publication on dutch photography website,,
about photography in the French region Auvergne with text and images by Kristel Schneider.
Part 1 about the summer and the winter was published last year, part 2 about the spring and autumn is now online: fototips voor Auvergne, Frankrijk (in Dutch).


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