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about photography in the French region Auvergne with text and images by Kristel Schneider.
Part 1 about the summer and the winter was published last year, part 2 about the spring and autumn is now online: fototips voor Auvergne, Frankrijk (in Dutch).


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1St best of Auvergne Photo-tour 2015 a succes

Best-of-Auvergne-Photo-Tour-2015_1   Home again with the accomplishment of my first photo-tour for Nordic Vision in my backpack!
I can now look back at this very pleasant week and really enjoy my first group who was just great: we had fun and learned a lot from each-other!

As I wanted to give every participant the right amount of time and attention, I didn’t take a lot images myself but I’ve already seen some wonderful pictures they took then.

Thank you everyone for the enthusiastic participation and your good moods during the early morning sessions 😉Best-of-Auvergne-Photo-Tour-2015_2Best-of-Auvergne-Photo-Tour-2015_3

The summer tour will be back for sure next year. For new dates and other Auvergne photo-tours in 2016 (Winter & Autumn) keep an eye on the website of
Nordic Vision or here on Visions and Nature. I hope to promote the new tours online in a couple of

New in 2016 – Winter in Auvergne | Photo-tour

New in 2016

with Photographer Kristel Schneider
In cooperation with Nordic Vision photo-tours
Spoken language: English and/or Dutch
Date:  7-13 February 2016

7 days – 6 nights

More information: Dutch | English


 More information: Dutch | English

First winter shots

Vallée de Chaudefour | Auvergne | France

The two participants of last Sunday were lucky  during their one-on-one workshop.
Weather forecast prediction was good, snow and cold temperatures with some sun in the late afternoon .
The sun came unfortunately a bit earlier than planned, this meant that we had to act fast to get some  shots with ‘frosty trees ‘.
Skies were changing during the day and the mountain tops appeared from behind the clouds.
A nice beginning of the winter season !

© Kristel Schneider

© Kristel Schneider

© Kristel Schneider

© Kristel Schneider

Color Transformation

Color Transformation
by Kristel Schneider

This weekend I met, for the first time the members of  Massifs Centraux (a collective from four local Photographers). Together we explored an area nearby the Mont-Dore (Auvergne -France), Col de Guéry. Although the calender tells us we are in Spring, the weather is reacting differently with colder temperatures.  Between rain showers and thunderstorms I  was able  to take some images.

The Col de Guéry , is located in a regional nature park, Volcans d’Auvergne.
Due to the altitude (1268) and the colder Spring temperatures you can see that the tree tops in the Col de Guéry show a different color pallet then in lower parts of the Auvergne, where you already can see the different tints of green.
The leaf buds in the valley are still closed and the colors are gradually transforming from a  nice red pastel color glow to different tints of green. But before we can see the green leafs we still  have to wait a couple more weeks.

Images are taken with Canon 5DMII, 24-105 MM  and Canon 300 L mm.

Camargue France | Flamingos

National Reserve Camargue| France

The Reserve, which covers more than 13,000 hectares in the Camargue region, is one of Europe’s largest wetlands reserves.
This vast, intact expanse of land, located in the municipalities of Arles and Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, benefits from total protection.This unique reserve draws its internationally-renowned heritage from the diversity of its habitats and its native species (in particular the 276 bird species, 258 of which are heritage species) and from its ecological contribution.

My trip to the Camargue took place in February 2011 and my photography goal was to shoot some images of flamingos in their natural environment -full colour, silhouettes or just with nice evening light. Unfortunately, I didn’t succeed in all my wishes. Due to the warm weather lots of birds had already moved on to their next destination. So the wetlands were almost empty most of the time .
The old house where we were sleeping was located in the middle of the reserve, surrounded with lakes. A great starting point and for one week I was up before sunrise. While waiting for the sun to rise you could hear the birds wake up and the wind sing. The weather was not great so the light was poor and grey sometimes, that was a shame. Anyhow the experience was great, hear the flamingos call and see the colours change in the landscape.

See more images in the gallery : Fauna | Camargue gallery
(Most images taken with 500mm Sigma lens and 40D or 5DMII, polarising filter or ND filters)

Later this week I will post some images from prints and texture on the beach.

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