The Blues

The Blues
by Kristel Schneider

‘Blues’, the butterfly is not blue all over and some are not even blue at all.
They are from the Lycaenidae family and there are many different varieties.
I thought that to identifying mushrooms was a challenge but that was before I had tried  to find the right variety of the  Blues on my images. My best guess was the Chalkhill – Blue Butterfly (Lysandra-coridon) and  Brown Argus – Blue Butterfly (Aricia agestis).

As a photographer you have to know the species you capture and for every image you try to identify the insect. Sometimes it is a real struggle to find the exact name because not all the insects books are expansive and sometimes even the internet does not provide you with the right identification.

The images I took for this post come from an area with a lot of chalk. Knowing  this kind of information about the  location you are shooting is handy for your identification afterwards.

The four images were taken on two different locations and on different days.
With the first two images I had a slightly overcast sky (so not bat for some nice light in the late afternoon). For the last two the weather was bright and sunny so I had to wait till sunset to get some nice warm light.

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