Flower season is open….

Erythronium dens canis | dog’s tooth violet


In Puy de Dôme (Auvergne, France) this wild flower is rather rare. They normally flower around March till April/May . Lately we have very nice warm weather in France and nature is far ahead. So yesterday afternoon I had a look at the spot I know in the forest, to look if the little violets where already above the ground.  Despite the nice weather I was still too early, but after some thorough ground search I  found a couple of the flowers I was looking for. Personally I find this flower very photogenic and a lust for the eye, in contrast with the little forest location where it grows. I think it’s an (old) dump place, full with thorns, dead leaves and trash (car tires, electrical wire, metal barrows, washing machines etc).  It is the third visit for me to this place and I must say  it’s a real challenge to crawl with your 300mm lens over the floor and find a nice low angle shot 😉


Spring Flower Photography

Dog’s tooth violet
by Kristel Schneider

Thanks to a tip from  Emmanuel Boitier I was lucky to find a rare spring flower called  Dog’s Tooth violet ( Erythronium dens-canis).

After my last flower session on Spring Snowflakes I wanted to take soft focus images and try different things.  But the problem with this little flower is that they do not grow close together.
To get  a nice color glow in my frame I used a 300mm lens, looked for a flower very close to the lens and focused on another flower far away.  Sometimes  the wind can help to give the image ‘ an out-of-focus’ effect.

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