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There are hundreds of photo seminars advertised on the Internet, many of which are offered by very well known photographers.  Seminars can be very expensive, some of which can cost well above $10,000.  What the PTR Team has learned, however, is that sometimes the best opportunities for learning about photography is to find someone who is filled with enthusiasm for photography, whose photographic skills have been recognized by others, and who charges a modest fee to attend their workshops.

Just because a seminar is expensive, does not mean that one will improve one’s skills.  There are other more important factors to consider.

One key criterion is whether the workshop leader has the patience to work with someone who knows little about photography and is eager to learn.

It is this latter criterion that the PTR Team can’t emphasize enough.  It is of little good to attend a seminar where one feels intimidated by the workshop leader.  Or worse, a seminar where the leader spends his or her time shooting for themselves.

Kristel Schneider has developed a reputation for teaching without intimidating as can be gleaned from the comments of her workshop participants:

“Kristel gives you a lot of space to expose your skills without the feeling you are a dummy.” – Dorothé | France

“Had a fantastic day. I arrived not really knowing how to use my camera properly and I left a manual shooter. I left with lots of new skills and I’m really pleased that I followed through on the impulse to join one of Kristel’s workshops.” – Patty | UK

“I am very pleased because it has been extremely worthwhile doing a one-on-one nature workshop. In that way all my questions were answered. Kristel’s enthusiasm, patience has definitely encouraged me. The workshop is excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anybody who would like to improve his skills.” – Ilse |The Netherlands

PTR Team Member Bill Lockhart first became acquainted with the work of Kristel Schneider while serving as a Moderator at — he was impressed with her work as a photographer because of her way of capturing the extraordinary from the ordinary.  Several of her photographs have been featured as Photos of the Week at the site.

Her offerings are very reasonably priced, … read more on: Photo Travel Review Magazine

Interested in one of Kristel’s workshops click here for an overview.

Thank you!

Wow, what an overwhelming response I got yesterday after I send out my mailing.
And they still keep coming in. Many of you subscribed to the blog by just adding
their email address by singing in on: blog subscriptions. Others just dropped me a line
with some nice feedback and compliments.

‘Impressive clarity, composition and subject  selection Looks wonderful and the photography’s not bad too ;-> Great work/job
Beautiful photography
Good luck with your new blog!


It is always exciting to see when people actually are reading the email you send out.
Even more exiting is when the readers click on the links and browse through the new website  or visit pages on the new blog. My web-analytics shows me that readers  actually spend quite some time on both sites.

So, thanks to all of you readers the new beginnings started out great!

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New beginnings

New beginnings

Today is the new beginning for my website and photography blog. I decided that it was time for a new design that fitted my needs in today’s ever changing on-line world. Less time behind the computer and more time for what I love doing; being out in the field taking pictures.

I’ve just completed a nearly -indescribable task – to put keywords and meta data to my nature and landscape photography collection so that I could finally relaunch Kristel Schneider Photography.

I am  inviting you to take some time to browse through the entire brand new website. I’ll be adding more material weekly so please check back and thanks for taking the time to look!

Stop reading and jump right into the browsing if you are too curious and don’t worry if you don’t master all the functionalities. Just use one of the links at the top of the page, or keep reading to learn more.

So, what was wrong with the old website? Well,  the design was not bad but just  not very functional.  Especially updating my galleries was tedious. Using a Dreamweaver plug in and FrontPage was also just not it. The new design is a mix from me and Photoshelter. I customized one of their templates to my own needs so that I can still use all Photoshelter’s great features.

What’s new

  • The website is focusing now on one subject: Nature and Landscape Photography.
  • Nearly every photograph has been reprocessed, captioned and key-worded – and then sorted out into convenient galleries.
  • The different galleries can display enlarged views of my images and give a general overview via slide-shows.
  • I can now offer prints, licensing, personal downloads and on-line collaboration from a single database of photos – all with powerful searching, collecting and purchasing features.
  • New uploaded images are easier for people to find via the recently updated list on the homepage.

While working on my website I decided to create this new blog: Visions and Nature.
On this blog  I will not only be blogging  about my Nature and Landscape photography activities, visions and workshops news, but I will also publish new images with some details about the way it was captured. There will also be many other new items depending on the impulse and inspiration of the moment.

Just come back and follow me. You can do this by adding your email address  by singing in on: blog subscriptions.

Feedback and comments are always welcome.  I hope you will all participate.  Thank you in advance for your time and contributions.


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