Wild Spring Snowflake flower photography

Wild Spring Snowflake flower photography
by Kristel Schneider

Yesterday I drove to Haute-Loire ( Auvergne, France)  where I met Photog

rapher Sébastien Lamadon. Together we walked up the Suc de Bresse hill to look for Wild Spring Snowflakes (Leucojum vernum).  As far as we know this is the only place where they appear in the Auvergne.

We were lucky and found a big patch of very fresh flowers. You could tell they were just out, impressive. The first thing I did was to put my camera bag down and I walked around.  I enjoyed the sight for a while as I was thinking what kind of technique to use and what kind of compositions.  The promised overcast day did not occur so the light was a bit harsh, but there was a lot of wind on one side of the hill.

I used my Canon 300mm L F4 IS, lens and I tried out various things:
– different focus methods, with and without a tripod
– shades and against the light
– blurry background
– smooth background

Spring is a great time for photography! Join me in the field during one of my
workshops. Other images in my Flower gallery.

Click on:  Sébastien  to see his images.

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