Expo photo Variations in Trees – Vic le Comte/Auvergne

Happy that after traveling to Belgium, Denmark and many places in France my expo VARIATIONS IN TREES finally can be seen in Auvergne – Vic le Comte (63)

Hope to see you Auvergnats !

(I will attend the opening on May 16th 2016 at 18h in Vic le Comte, Halle du Jeu de Paume).

Expo photo – Variations in Trees

See you in Hauteville-Lompnes ?!

Variations in Trees

Photo exposition

Next weekend: 22-24 May
Variations in Trees by Kristel Schneider
at fotofestival, Viborg, Denmark





Festival location:
Paletten | Viborg | Denmark

Festival brochure:

Follow Kristel’s expositions on her site: link

Publication in French Nature Magazine: Nat’Images

Publication in French Nature Magazine: Nat’Images 31

To photograph trees
by Kristel Schneider

Nat’images, the nature edition of the popular French photo magazine Chasseur d’Image, published an article and image portfolio from me about Tree photography.

The article (written by Kristel Schneider and translated/adapted (French) by F.Rousseau) describes the different approaches in tree photography.
A total of 8 pages is published in the nr. 31 April/May 2015 issue. For those who live in France the issue is now for sale in the kiosks. Publication-Natimages-31-Vairaiontions-in-trees-JPGlowUpcoming exhibitions ‘ Variations in Trees’

  • Exposition Viborg | Denmark, 3rd Fotofestival DK, « Variations in trees », 22-24 May  2015
  • Exposition Picardie | France- ,25e Festival de L’Oiseau et de la Nature , « Variations in trees », 1-3 May  2015

Look for an overview of tree images on Kristels site: portfolio trees


Photo exposition at festival nature namur 2014


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