The first flower images of 2013

Finally Spring by
Kristel Schneider

I hereby declare the flower season open


When the wood anemones wake up, Spring has arrived for me and can you imagine, it is mid April and I took my first flower image of  2013 !

This afternoon I tried out a different composition, I often look for back-light or color contrast. In this image the fresh grass gave a soft green background and by  combining the Anemone with some other flowers I got a nice ‘flower bouquet’.

Last year I noticed that almost all my flower images were shot with my Canon 300mmL  lens. So today I took my Sigma 150mm macro lens with a 1.4 extender, a combination  I will try to use more often this year.

Happy flower season everybody!

(Update 14 April 2013)
NatureScapes.NET  Flora and Macro forum : Editors Pick


Some feedback :
– This is awesome! What a gorgeous comp & I love the softness!
– Beautiful combination of the anemone with the bed straw (I think that’s what it’s called). Love the bright whites and the stamen details.
– A beautiful spring composition that certainly hits the mark imo – sadly rain and wind over here, so here’s hoping for some of that sunshine.

Other editors picks so far (2013):

13 Comments on “The first flower images of 2013

  1. Beautiful atmosphere! Visited the OVP with 14 photographers today and we had to search for anything that announces Spring. So you are a few weeks ahead of us. Stick to the 300mm;-)

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