Follow the steps editors pick- Landscape gallery

Follow the steps editors pick- Landscape gallery
on NatureScapes.Net

Montagne des Allebasses
Altitude, 1365 m.
PNR Livradois Forez | Auvergne |France

See blog post: – Emptiness – for more images, Montagne des Allebasses

Some feedback so far:

  • Wonderful image. I usually get frustrated when I see footprints on an otherwise immaculate snow cover.
    You used it to tell a story. Great job!
  • Great composition, wonderful details in the snow……and I just love the Fox tracks, excellent!
  • Perfect! A good eye in composing this…well done!
  • very pleasing image
  • Very beautiful composition.
  • Very compelling image. Great detail capture in the snow up close. Well done.
  • Nice use of the elements to introduce a strong leading line into the distance where that lone tree is.
  • Gorgeous!
  • Lovely scene
  • The isolation here is excellent!


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Image | last light editors pick

Last light editors pick- Landscape gallery
on NatureScapes.Net

Etang de la Colombière
Livradois-Forez Auvergne France

Image from early January at a lake in the middle of the forest. I took a series of images that day and this one almost landed in the wast basket.
In 2011 I wrote a blog post about ‘the old box‘  and mentioned that sometimes it is good to take some distance from your work and let time pass before you actually work on them
and decide if this is a keeper or is ready for the trash bin.

Etang-de-la-Colombière  Some feedback so far:

  • Love it!
  • Very, very nice.
  • Beautiful and surreal. I really like the blue cast and reflection.Gorgeous Kristel!!
  • What a wonderful mood and it just exudes peace and tranquility.


Other editors picks in 2013:

Image| Pine trees in the clouds, editors pick

Pine trees in the clouds editors pick- Landscape gallery

Pine trees in the clouds Livradois-Forez Auvergne France

It’s touching to see that one of my images again got recognized on as an Editor’s Pick, for the 14th time now in 2013.
They must like my photography 😉  and it makes me happy when people tell me that I inspire them with my work. Personally I am not always satisfied when I come home from a photo shoot because of the light or I could not find what I had in mind. A lot of the images land in the bin or in a folder ‘to look at later’. This image was for me a mind breaker, not really sure if it was in ‘balance’ if I had captured the right mood etc. And now I am happy that the little touch of sunlight and the clouds in the pine trees was appreciated and that the mood I had in mind is well translated.

For other images of that day see earlier blog-post: sunny moments in winter. Pine-trees-in-the-clouds Some feedback so far:

  • Always love your winterscapes!
  • Beautiful Kristel. Your images always seem to have a certain surreal yet realistic appearance. I so enjoy your work.
  • Great image. Very nice. Excelent shot.
  • Love this!!! moody, excellent presention…First class!
  • Beautiful winterscape
  • Wonderful image Kristal.   Thanks for sharing this beautiful shot.

Pine-trees-in-the-clouds     Other editors picks so far (2013):

Image: Frost texture – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET Macro and Flower Gallery : Editors Pick
by Kristel Schneider

Frost Texture
Taken in the pond close to my home


Some feedback so far:

  • Lovely light and colors – pretty.
  • Very nice, the great light makes the image.
  • Just beautiful – the lighting and camera angle are working hard to craft a lovely shot .


Image: Chiloza Waterfall – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick
by Kristel Schneider

Chiloza Waterfall after the rain

 Auvergne,  France



After I published the blog post about the waterfalls of Chiloza I also put the image shown above on,
a nature photography forum. And today I got a message in my mailbox that the images was recognized as an Editor’s Pick.

Some feedback so far:

  • Lovely scene — I like the contrasts of the dark green mossy rocks against the white stream.
  • Oh this is SO beautiful!!!
  • This is so classy. Great tonality, superb flow and a delicate presentation. Excellent work. The fact that your logo looks like it is part of the scene is also a bonus. Superb image.
  • Pure beauty! Love it!


Other editors picks so far (2013):

Image: One – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET Macro and Flower  Gallery : Editors Pick
by Kristel Schneider



Col du Béal | PNR Livradois Forez | Auvergne,  France


Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana) flowering


Some feedback so far:

  • Very pretty and dreamy colour tones, and a sweet isolation of the star of the show!
  • Super shot, thinking outside the box here to get a great and different composition. Really like it!
  • Sweet, sweet, sweet. This is fabulous.
  • Just beautiful – elegant and sweet.
    Hope you have a chance to get out and about soon.
  • Lovely shot Kristel. You’ll have to teach me someday how to create this beautiful effect. I always end up with images that lack the softness yours have. Well seen and captured.
  • Gorgeous OOF foreground and background – beautiful image.


Other editors picks so far (2013):

Image: Greens and white – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick


Greens and White

Col de Guéry | Auvergne,  France


Some feedback so far:

  • Beautiful Kristel! I can’t believe it! In the NE USA we had 35 degrees and snow last week and today it is almost 90 degrees (F of course) and hot and humid!
  • The snow gives it a pastel look. May was colder than usual here.
  • Love the detail and contrast.
  • Another beautiful image!
  • So beautiful!!!! Stay warm
  • I love the delicate detail and dusting of snow Kristel — superb image!
  • I like this low-contrast rendition. It shows that winter must not always be harsh, but can be gentle too.

Other editors picks so far (2013):


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