Image: Frost texture – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET Macro and Flower Gallery : Editors Pick
by Kristel Schneider

Frost Texture
Taken in the pond close to my home


Some feedback so far:

  • Lovely light and colors – pretty.
  • Very nice, the great light makes the image.
  • Just beautiful – the lighting and camera angle are working hard to craft a lovely shot .


Image: snow waves, editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick

Snow Waves

Puy de Chabane | Auvergne, France


Some feedback so far:

  • Simple, elegant and beautiful!
  • Very nice layer shot.
  • I think I would prefer to crop this vertically where the foot prints start and take you away from the bottom of the photo… but I think I have a vertical fetish lol.
  • Really beautiful. I like the layers and light, but the tracks on the foreground hill make it for me.
  • Beautiful!…esp like the sliver of light on the ridge.


Other editors picks so far:

Image: Falling snow, editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick

Falling Snow


Some feedback so far:

  • very ethereal, I like it!
  • Beautiful
  • I love how you turned the whole idea of “tree in focus, snow flakes out of focus” on its head! It works beautifully!
  • Very unique…. in a good way. I really like this!
  • Different…I really like this!
  • I have done a similar picture a few years ago, lovely image and creative
  • This is really cool – ignoring the obvious and creating pure art… superb image
  • Very creative Kristel — love it!


Other editors picks so far:

Image: Like a frame, editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick

Like a frame


Since the new website layout from Naturescapes.NET the editors no longer  announce a image of the week per gallery but choose a  Editors Pick.

I am happy to see that my personal favorite from the last photo session, trees in winter, is chosen by editors.

Some feedback so far:

  • I like using trees as a frame too. And this is a particularly nice one.
  • Beautiful composition, Kristel. The tree has a powerfully earthy—almost sensuous—aspect that might make periodic revisits worthwhile.
  • Fantastic!! This is gorgeous!!
  • Very nice Kristel! A unique and interesting composition, love the detail!
  • Beautiful bit of art Kristal — love the composition.


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