Image: November mood in spring – editors Pick

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November Mood in Spring

La Grande Cascade| Auvergne, France



Some feedback so far:

  • Who says you can’t get a great shot in bad weather :) Very nice!
  • his says cold and damp. I like the waterfall peeking from the fog.
  • What a beautiful scene. Your framing and use of the fog in the frame is well done. Nicely done.

editors-pick-novmood November-mood


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The first flower images of 2013

Finally Spring by
Kristel Schneider

I hereby declare the flower season open


When the wood anemones wake up, Spring has arrived for me and can you imagine, it is mid April and I took my first flower image of  2013 !

This afternoon I tried out a different composition, I often look for back-light or color contrast. In this image the fresh grass gave a soft green background and by  combining the Anemone with some other flowers I got a nice ‘flower bouquet’.

Last year I noticed that almost all my flower images were shot with my Canon 300mmL  lens. So today I took my Sigma 150mm macro lens with a 1.4 extender, a combination  I will try to use more often this year.

Happy flower season everybody!

(Update 14 April 2013)
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Some feedback :
– This is awesome! What a gorgeous comp & I love the softness!
– Beautiful combination of the anemone with the bed straw (I think that’s what it’s called). Love the bright whites and the stamen details.
– A beautiful spring composition that certainly hits the mark imo – sadly rain and wind over here, so here’s hoping for some of that sunshine.

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Image: Snow Dunes – editors Pick

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Snow Dunes

Les Pradeaux| Auvergne, France


Some feedback so far:

  • Excellent mood. Like it.
  • Kristel .Love this, just so delicate, cheers
  • I really love this. Beautiful shades and lines.
  • Fantastic!…a good eye to spot this!
  • Absolutely love everything about this!!!
  • Beautifully abstract I love it – in our over populated area the snow just quickly turns into a dirty mush
  • Very well seen Kristel, this is great!


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Image: Wood Anemone | Editors Pick

NatureScapes.NET  Macro and Flower Gallery : Editors Pick

Wood Anemoon

St. Flour L’Etang| Auvergne, France


Its March and today we had snowstorms as if we are in the middle of Winter. Normally I would already cowl on the flour to look at the first flower buds or even the very first flowers. This image is from last April (2012), lets hope Spring will arrive soon …..

Some feedback so far:

  • nice colour pallette … an overall outsanding dreamy effect…nicely done.
  • Pretty wide-open look, nice textured background, lovely foliage.
    I’ll think spring for you! We just had 6 inches of snow, but it’s melted now.
  • Very nice.We are just getting Spring-like here in the Southeast
  • Fantastic soft color and light , sweet image
  • Somehow I missed this one! Congratulations on EP! The neutral tones in the BG with hints of grass is lovely & I like the way the flower is just peeking out!
  • A beautiful representation of this spring beauty – you had me all excited for a moment until I read this was from last year. It’s the same over here, snow all week, and now rain – spring seems to have gone missing this year

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Image: snow waves, editors pick

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Snow Waves

Puy de Chabane | Auvergne, France


Some feedback so far:

  • Simple, elegant and beautiful!
  • Very nice layer shot.
  • I think I would prefer to crop this vertically where the foot prints start and take you away from the bottom of the photo… but I think I have a vertical fetish lol.
  • Really beautiful. I like the layers and light, but the tracks on the foreground hill make it for me.
  • Beautiful!…esp like the sliver of light on the ridge.


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Image: Falling snow, editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick

Falling Snow


Some feedback so far:

  • very ethereal, I like it!
  • Beautiful
  • I love how you turned the whole idea of “tree in focus, snow flakes out of focus” on its head! It works beautifully!
  • Very unique…. in a good way. I really like this!
  • Different…I really like this!
  • I have done a similar picture a few years ago, lovely image and creative
  • This is really cool – ignoring the obvious and creating pure art… superb image
  • Very creative Kristel — love it!


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Image of the week at NatureScapes

I just found out that my image: Autumn wind -Auvergne Toscany,  has been  selected as ‘Image Of the Week’ at Naturescapes.Net (a photography forum) in the category, Travel and Culture.

Autumn wind -Auvergne Toscany

Late afternoon – early evening, sun going down, wind blowing in the valley.
Castle of Montmorin near Billom | Auvergne | France

Some feedback :

– Very nice and serene.

– Stunning view Kristel — lovely foreground, with the idyllic castle on the hill in the background! I would be tempted to give midtone contrast a little nudge. A terrific scene!

– Wonderful photo Kristel! and a fantastic and well deserved IOW!!!


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