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NatureScapes.NET Macro and Flower  Gallery : Editors Pick
by Kristel Schneider



Col du Béal | PNR Livradois Forez | Auvergne,  France


Common Dog-violet (Viola riviniana) flowering


Some feedback so far:

  • Very pretty and dreamy colour tones, and a sweet isolation of the star of the show!
  • Super shot, thinking outside the box here to get a great and different composition. Really like it!
  • Sweet, sweet, sweet. This is fabulous.
  • Just beautiful – elegant and sweet.
    Hope you have a chance to get out and about soon.
  • Lovely shot Kristel. You’ll have to teach me someday how to create this beautiful effect. I always end up with images that lack the softness yours have. Well seen and captured.
  • Gorgeous OOF foreground and background – beautiful image.


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Image: Greens and white – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick


Greens and White

Col de Guéry | Auvergne,  France


Some feedback so far:

  • Beautiful Kristel! I can’t believe it! In the NE USA we had 35 degrees and snow last week and today it is almost 90 degrees (F of course) and hot and humid!
  • The snow gives it a pastel look. May was colder than usual here.
  • Love the detail and contrast.
  • Another beautiful image!
  • So beautiful!!!! Stay warm
  • I love the delicate detail and dusting of snow Kristel — superb image!
  • I like this low-contrast rendition. It shows that winter must not always be harsh, but can be gentle too.

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Image: November mood in spring – editors Pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick


November Mood in Spring

La Grande Cascade| Auvergne, France



Some feedback so far:

  • Who says you can’t get a great shot in bad weather :) Very nice!
  • his says cold and damp. I like the waterfall peeking from the fog.
  • What a beautiful scene. Your framing and use of the fog in the frame is well done. Nicely done.

editors-pick-novmood November-mood


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The first flower images of 2013

Finally Spring by
Kristel Schneider

I hereby declare the flower season open


When the wood anemones wake up, Spring has arrived for me and can you imagine, it is mid April and I took my first flower image of  2013 !

This afternoon I tried out a different composition, I often look for back-light or color contrast. In this image the fresh grass gave a soft green background and by  combining the Anemone with some other flowers I got a nice ‘flower bouquet’.

Last year I noticed that almost all my flower images were shot with my Canon 300mmL  lens. So today I took my Sigma 150mm macro lens with a 1.4 extender, a combination  I will try to use more often this year.

Happy flower season everybody!

(Update 14 April 2013)
NatureScapes.NET  Flora and Macro forum : Editors Pick


Some feedback :
– This is awesome! What a gorgeous comp & I love the softness!
– Beautiful combination of the anemone with the bed straw (I think that’s what it’s called). Love the bright whites and the stamen details.
– A beautiful spring composition that certainly hits the mark imo – sadly rain and wind over here, so here’s hoping for some of that sunshine.

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Image: Snow Dunes – editors Pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick

Snow Dunes

Les Pradeaux| Auvergne, France


Some feedback so far:

  • Excellent mood. Like it.
  • Kristel .Love this, just so delicate, cheers
  • I really love this. Beautiful shades and lines.
  • Fantastic!…a good eye to spot this!
  • Absolutely love everything about this!!!
  • Beautifully abstract I love it – in our over populated area the snow just quickly turns into a dirty mush
  • Very well seen Kristel, this is great!


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