Color Transformation

Color Transformation
by Kristel Schneider

This weekend I met, for the first time the members of  Massifs Centraux (a collective from four local Photographers). Together we explored an area nearby the Mont-Dore (Auvergne -France), Col de Guéry. Although the calender tells us we are in Spring, the weather is reacting differently with colder temperatures.  Between rain showers and thunderstorms I  was able  to take some images.

The Col de Guéry , is located in a regional nature park, Volcans d’Auvergne.
Due to the altitude (1268) and the colder Spring temperatures you can see that the tree tops in the Col de Guéry show a different color pallet then in lower parts of the Auvergne, where you already can see the different tints of green.
The leaf buds in the valley are still closed and the colors are gradually transforming from a  nice red pastel color glow to different tints of green. But before we can see the green leafs we still  have to wait a couple more weeks.

Images are taken with Canon 5DMII, 24-105 MM  and Canon 300 L mm.

Monts du Cèzallier | Auvergne | France

Monts du Cèzallier
Sunrise landscape shots

Getting up at 5am is not something I like but when I see the sun rise and the landscape changing colours in the fresh light I  forget all about that alarm clock.

Driving to the Monts du Cèzallier takes me to magnificent landscapes. Mountain meadows and valleys with nice lines and textures. My goal was to capture some images with wild Daffodils and because mother nature is a bit early this year I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The sunrise in itself was a bit disappointing but the early morning light provided me with nice warm light that I could use for my landscape shots.

See for more images : spring gallery

The massif of Cézallier is a French volcanic tray located in the Central Massif, between mounts Brown and the mounts of Cantal. It is shared between two departments: Puy-de-Dôme and Cantal. The medium altitude of the massif is located between 1 200 and 1 500 m. The climax of the massif is the sign of Luguet (1 551 m). -Wikipédia

Photo Travel Review Magazine recommended Photo Seminars – Kristel Schneider

There are hundreds of photo seminars advertised on the Internet, many of which are offered by very well known photographers.  Seminars can be very expensive, some of which can cost well above $10,000.  What the PTR Team has learned, however, is that sometimes the best opportunities for learning about photography is to find someone who is filled with enthusiasm for photography, whose photographic skills have been recognized by others, and who charges a modest fee to attend their workshops.

Just because a seminar is expensive, does not mean that one will improve one’s skills.  There are other more important factors to consider.

One key criterion is whether the workshop leader has the patience to work with someone who knows little about photography and is eager to learn.

It is this latter criterion that the PTR Team can’t emphasize enough.  It is of little good to attend a seminar where one feels intimidated by the workshop leader.  Or worse, a seminar where the leader spends his or her time shooting for themselves.

Kristel Schneider has developed a reputation for teaching without intimidating as can be gleaned from the comments of her workshop participants:

“Kristel gives you a lot of space to expose your skills without the feeling you are a dummy.” – Dorothé | France

“Had a fantastic day. I arrived not really knowing how to use my camera properly and I left a manual shooter. I left with lots of new skills and I’m really pleased that I followed through on the impulse to join one of Kristel’s workshops.” – Patty | UK

“I am very pleased because it has been extremely worthwhile doing a one-on-one nature workshop. In that way all my questions were answered. Kristel’s enthusiasm, patience has definitely encouraged me. The workshop is excellent value for money and I would recommend it to anybody who would like to improve his skills.” – Ilse |The Netherlands

PTR Team Member Bill Lockhart first became acquainted with the work of Kristel Schneider while serving as a Moderator at — he was impressed with her work as a photographer because of her way of capturing the extraordinary from the ordinary.  Several of her photographs have been featured as Photos of the Week at the site.

Her offerings are very reasonably priced, … read more on: Photo Travel Review Magazine

Interested in one of Kristel’s workshops click here for an overview.

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