A short photo holiday in France

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Photograph the beautiful Tuscany of Auvergne, France

Vineyard-in-evening-sun (2)
A short photo holiday in combination with a great learning experience
Photography workshop with
Photographer Kristel Schneider
Date:  24 August – 28 August  2014
While people are talking about the winter of 2014, I have already prepared your summer break for August 2014, a 5-day photography workshop in the Tuscany of Auvergne, in France.
When you hear Tuscany you may immediately think of Italy. Before my discovery I did the same but now I know that in the heart of France there is a place called Tuscany of Auvergne, in Puy de Dôme.
So close your eyes and let your thoughts go ….think about…….sunflowers, garlic, picturesque villages, volcano chain, dramatic light and….French wine and food!
Join me during these 5-days and you can expect:  diverse hillside landscape scenery in the heart of the Tuscany of Auvergne with picturesque villages. The spectacular and unique light conditions playing on the dramatic Massif Central mountain and volcano chains, will take your breath away.  We will explore the Billom area through the maze of small hillside roads and hiking trails. Although the main focus will be landscape photography those of you who like macro, close-up or street photography will have plenty of opportunities to indulge during the walks in the field and the small villages. Throughout the day, you will get personal field instruction as well as photo feedback.  The group is kept small so that every participant gets enough personal attention.Be assured of a great learning experience and of course a lot of fun sightseeing and hiking along short trails. You will get introduced to the specialties of the area, visiting local organic wine producers and photograph the vineyards in the soft evening light.
More info: Workshop page  (Eng)
Meer info: Workshop pagina (NL)

Photographer in action

Photographer in action by Kristel Schneider

Me in Action during a photo-shoot for
Regional Nature Park Livradois Forez

Last year I posted a blog post about my first big photo assignment in France.
The  start up was a bit slow as the weather in Spring did not make it easy to plan things.  But now, after a very busy Summer this assignment is reaching towards its end.  I have still some work to do this month and in Autumn, but the big part of the assignment has been dealt with.  And I can say that it was instructive and enjoyable at the same time.
I met a lot of very nice and interesting new people and I could explore some great (for me , new ) nature areas .  Later on this year I will make a ‘best -of’ of my  images in the final  selection and put it all on my website under portfolio PNR Livradois Forez.

In the meantime people outside the project scene ‘ noticed’ the photo project for PNR Livradois Forez. It all started with the request for models for a photo shoot at the lake in Volle Montagne. The local newspaper, La Gazette picked it up and made an article about the photo reportage in the park, featuring me in action at a local garlic producer.


Moreover  the editor of blog: Vollore Montagne – Gazette des Montagnards had heard about the photo-shoot in their village and asked me if it was ok to do a photo reportage on the shoot in Vollore Montagne (see images, Michel MENSE).

Yesterday the photo shoot took place at 8 AM at he lake.
The subject was: recreational activities at the lake.
A nice family and a St. Bernard (dog) signed up to volunteer. They had a pic-nick, a family walk and  fun at the play ground. They also enjoyed the sun laying in a chair. Even though the ground was still very wet and the sun not very warm, they acted as naturally as possible, they did a very good job.Kristel-Schneider-Photographe-_3Kristel-Schneider-Photographe-_5

Kristel Schneider Photographe _1   Kristel-Schneider-Photographe-_4

The same but different

Waterfall Rossignolet
by Kristel Schneider

The same but different


When you organize workshops in your own region you visit certain locations a lot,
as the so-called Rossignolet waterfall nearby the town of Mont Dore.
Each time the view and the atmosphere are different there, a reason why
visiting photo locations in all types of seasons and weather conditions is a must.

This week I introduced this waterfall to my partner and a friend of ours. They both loved
the ‘intimacy’ of the area. What is nice about the Rossignolet waterfall are the little rocks in the wall. The water rolls over the rocks downhill and, depending on the season and the amount of water, the vision you have of the place varies in a vast variety of details.



Image: Greens and white – editors pick

NatureScapes.NET  Landscape Gallery : Editors Pick


Greens and White

Col de Guéry | Auvergne,  France


Some feedback so far:

  • Beautiful Kristel! I can’t believe it! In the NE USA we had 35 degrees and snow last week and today it is almost 90 degrees (F of course) and hot and humid!
  • The snow gives it a pastel look. May was colder than usual here.
  • Love the detail and contrast.
  • Another beautiful image!
  • So beautiful!!!! Stay warm
  • I love the delicate detail and dusting of snow Kristel — superb image!
  • I like this low-contrast rendition. It shows that winter must not always be harsh, but can be gentle too.

Other editors picks so far (2013):


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