A short photo holiday in France

More info: Workshop page  (Eng)

Meer info: Workshop pagina (NL)


50 Awesome Photo Workshops Around the World


Guess what!

Visions and Nature’s :Tuscany of Auvergne workshop is one of them !

Photoshelter made a list of just some of the photography classes happening around the world in 2014 and in chapter: outside of the U.S., Visions and Nature’s Tuscany of Auvergne is listed.

France: Kristel Schneider is teaching a 5-day workshop in Tuscany of Auvergne, a photo-holiday and learning experience wrapped into one: Aug. 24 -28th

For more information about this workshop/short photo holiday: see Tuscany the Auvergne or read the whole tour outline here.

To see the list of all the 50 awesome photo workshops happening around the world, click here.

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