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This month On Landscape (a subscription based magazine dedicated to landscape photography) published an interview with me about my book project; Variations in Trees.

Charlotte Parkin (CP): In most photographers’ lives there are ‘epiphanic’ moments where things become clear, or new directions are formed. What were your two main moments and how did they change your photography?

Kristel Schneider (KS): In my younger years I travelled a lot to Asia and was fascinated by the people, their expressions, their colourful clothes, the environment they were living in and I loved the interaction with them.

My photography back then was mainly ‘street-photography’. This all changed when I started taking painting classes in, Amsterdam, my hometown. Unfortunately, I soon realised that I could not draw very well and let’s say I became an abstract painter very fast. The good thing about it was that it had a big influence on my photography; I started looking at other subjects, more in detail and I became drawn to structures and textures. Call it the seeding moment of my abstract photography.



Portrait Kristel Schneider | Naturapics

A portrait from me is published today on Naturapics, a well known Nature Photography website in France.  The interview is done by Arnaud Grizard  and a couple of my images are published along with it. Some of the subjects are :  my photography -work, -approach, -ideas and -plans for 2013.

click here to read the interview (in French)


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