Photo expo at PhotAubrac 2013

Phot’Aubrac 2013
19-23 September

First photo expo Massifs – Centraux
well received!

Last week I attended the annual photo festival in AUBRAC,  in Nasbinals (Lozère)

Our photo collective Massifs Centraux participated for the very
first time and had a group-show in the local Tourist Board.
We exhibited a mix of images by us four ( Sébastien Lamadon, Fabrice Vincent, Kristel Schneider, Cyril Coudert).  Each its own style, but matching perfectly together in one showroom.

During the four days we met some great people, exchanged experiences with other photographers and most important of all we had lots of fun!

The feedback on our show was overwhelming and I think that it was a great ‘PREMIERE’ for Massifs Centraux .

Ready     Ready_2Seb_1Seb_Fab_KrisSeb-and-Krispublic

Photo Expo with Massifs Centraux

Photo Expo

Trees in the winter

Trees in the winter
by Kristel Schneider

” Snow, chaos and trees”

Comparing earlier winters I experienced in the Auvergne, I can say this year was mild so far.  Last year I bought my own set of snow rackets but because of the lack of snow in my area I  decided yesterday  to look for some white powder higher up in the mountains.

Image by Cyril Coudert (2)

Kristel by Cyril Coudert


Readers who visit this blog more often know how much I love trees and one of the things I always wanted to do was walking on snow rackets in the forest. So together with photographer Cyril Coudert (partner from Massifs Centraux) I planned a photo day in the Sancy area (Auvergne, France).

Image by Cyril Coudert

Kristel by Cyril Coudert

Beech-tree-branch-in-winter_2Destination:  Vallée de la Fontaine Salée | Chastreix-Sancy  (1299m), the weather forecast was not that great but in the mountains it can change very fast so we gave it a try. Knowing that I had to walk for the first time on these snow rackets I decided to empty my camera bag. Camera body and only two lenses, the canon 24-105 and the canon 300 mm and my lunchbox + tripod.  Already missing my my 70-200mm lens, my favorite  ‘brick’ .
After walking for a while I was so happy with my earlier decision (LOL).

The tree branches had just enough snow to give it that little extra you like to see in your images. The view leaves gave a little touch of color in the brown/grey scenery.
The challenge was to find a nice  composition amongst the chaos.

Beech-tree-branch-in-winter Beech-tree-branch-in-winter_13

Hopefully next month the snow will return so that I can experiment some more in the winter forest. For more images click here

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