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Photographers interview thing that I like less than others, it would have to be the early rises!!

‘ ‘WOW’,  that was the sound that guided my eyes when I first saw Samuels work.  The light, the colours and the openness in his work made me love it immediately. By looking at his work you can tell he loves and respects the beauty of nature. I am happy to introduce you to his work and I hope you will enjoy his work as much as I do, Kristel.

‘I  am a professional landscape photographer based in Switzerland. My first interest in photography started in 2001 after buying my first SLR camera just before going on a trip to the Canadian Rockies. From that day I was instantly hooked and have been ever since. Up until September 2010 photography was purely a passion and was selling my work here and there as a side activity to my main job as a software engineer. In 2010 I decided to make the plunge and gave up that job to go full time as a professional photographer. It was certainly a big decision, not to say one of the biggest in my life, but I already have no doubt that I will never regret it.  At the moment the main part of my work relies on fine art print sales (certainly the one I enjoy the most), photo workshops, I edit my own calendar on the Swiss Alps theme, I have various collections of postcards, sale some of my images as stock and work on a few assignments, one of them being capturing the calendar images of one of the most prestigious Swiss watch maker’, Samuel.

Who is your inspiration?
Having discovered photography while I was living  in the UK, I have drawn most of my early inspiration from UK landscape photographers, the main ones being Joe Cornish, David Noton, Lee Frost, Tom Makie. I also love the work of US photographers like Rodney Loug, Gallen Rowel and Mark Adamus, and Australian photographers  Peter Leek and Ken Ducan.  Closer to home, I admire the world renown photographer Yann Artus Bertrand and his work on the earth from above, the fantastic images of Olivier Folmi as well as Philip Plisson.

What made him/her inspire you, with what kind of image(s)?
I think the common aspect that inspires me from all these photographers is COLOUR. They are all masters in capturing amazing light and creating very colourful images, something I am very sensitive to.

What do you like about Nature Photography?
Literally everything, but mostly what I absolutely love about it is that it allows me to spend a lot of time outdoor, discovering unknown beautiful places or re-discovering known ones under the magic of ever changing light.

Photographs are Copyrighted © 2011, Samuel Bitton — All Rights Reserved

Are there things you don’t like about Nature Photography?
I can’t say that there is anything I don’t like about photography. I just love every aspect of it. It is really a deep passion that dwells in me and I embrace everything that it involves. Now, if there was one thing that I like less than others, it would have to be the early rises!!
Indeed, at times, getting out of bed really early is a bit difficult but every time the effort never fails to be rewarded. Once up, it is such a thrill to be witnessing the spectacles that nature offers us so early in the day.

Do you have any tips for Visions and Nature readers who would like to become   professional nature photographers?
Every time I am asked this question, my answer is dead simple, BE PASSIONATE. If you are really passionate about what you are doing (and that applies to everything in live, not just photography), you can achieve everything you want. So if you are completely passionate about landscape photography and every aspects of it, then you have every chance to be successful.

What are your specialities?
My first passion is really for the outdoors and the mountains. So this is what I naturally photograph the most and being based in the Swiss Alps, this is without a doubt my speciality.

Photographs are Copyrighted © 2011, Samuel Bitton — All Rights Reserved

Share with us one of your personal favourite photographs?
It is always difficult to pick just one, but I have to say that never get tired of looking at my panoramic image of the sunrise over the Italian Alps and the Portjenhorn.

Photographs are Copyrighted © 2011, Samuel Bitton — All Rights Reserved

Describe how it was taken?
It was taken one early morning from about 3200 meters of altitude while climbing the south ridge of the Weissmies, a 4000m peak in the Swiss Alps. Not only it brings me great memories as it was my first 4000m peak climb but it also represents about everything I love in a photograph, strong warm colours over a wild and pristine mountain vista.

You are now on Visions and Nature Blog, a Nature and Landscape Photography Blog from Kristel Schneider. Do you know her work?
When you look at her gallery which image pops out for you and why?

I didn’t know Kristel’s work until now. Amongst the beautiful images that she presents in her gallery, the one that has struck me the most is the “amethyst deceiver with back light and details of the gills”. I find the colours very pleasing the composition perfect. It almost looks like an image taken from the deep underwater world. Click here to see the Mushrooms and Fungi Gallery.

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