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Wood Anemoon

St. Flour L’Etang| Auvergne, France


Its March and today we had snowstorms as if we are in the middle of Winter. Normally I would already cowl on the flour to look at the first flower buds or even the very first flowers. This image is from last April (2012), lets hope Spring will arrive soon …..

Some feedback so far:

  • nice colour pallette … an overall outsanding dreamy effect…nicely done.
  • Pretty wide-open look, nice textured background, lovely foliage.
    I’ll think spring for you! We just had 6 inches of snow, but it’s melted now.
  • Very nice.We are just getting Spring-like here in the Southeast
  • Fantastic soft color and light , sweet image
  • Somehow I missed this one! Congratulations on EP! The neutral tones in the BG with hints of grass is lovely & I like the way the flower is just peeking out!
  • A beautiful representation of this spring beauty – you had me all excited for a moment until I read this was from last year. It’s the same over here, snow all week, and now rain – spring seems to have gone missing this year

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Protected Orchids site – Puy de Pileyre

Protected Orchids site- Puy de Pileyre
Parc Livradois-Forez
by Kristel Schneider

Natura 2000, an EU-wide network of nature protection areas aims  to assure the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats.
France counts 1700 of these nature protected areas. In the Regional Nature Park
Du Livradois- Forez
there are already 18 of them. For a nature photographer this kind of information is very useful and because I am rather new to this area I did some Internet-research about protected areas not far from home.

Being a real Wild Orchid lover  I was very happy to find a protected Orchids site – nearby the  Puy de Pileyre vulcano. Orchids are on list of protected wild plants, but not everybody cares about these lists and many times I can see that the side of the roads are cut radically with a land-mower.

A lot of Orchids prefer chalky soil and I could see on a map that around the Puy de Pileyre you had this kind of soil. This week I went, with my camera bag, to  find this Orchid site and I was lucky to still find some fresh Orchids that normally grow in May or beginning of June. Of course I was very careful not to harm any plants. But as a Nature Photographer you know how respect nature and its beauty. Seeing so many Orchids in one spot you wish that there would be more ‘respect for protected species’.

Here is an overview from the Bee Orchid – Ophys apifera (Orchidae) and the Red Helleborine Orchid – Cephalanthera rubra (Orchidae).

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