Food in Nature – workshop

Food in Nature – Workshop
by Kristel Schneider

The nice thing about organizing one-on-one workshops  is that you sometimes get funny or unusual requests from your participants.  And yesterday I had to organise a workshop with one of those special requests for a private photography workshop. The participant was a cook and wanted to take images of  Food in Nature.

After looking on the net and into my own cooking books I thought this was not going to be an easy task.  But I liked the request so I agreed to organize this workshop and the date was set for yesterday.  A whole new concept for me, normally I walk in nature and drive around to look for some different sceneries whereas yesterday I had to wait while the cook was ready with some kind of dessert or other dish so that we could place the subject on an old moss-covered tree trunk , in high grass or just in the vegetable garden.


I can tell you that food photography is not the same as taking images of wild mushrooms or  landscapes.  Personally I like images that are a bit abstract or with movement but with food you still have to see what is presented. So in the end also it was a learning process for me and although I didn’t have the time to shoot images for my own archive I took some snapshots with my 300mm to give you an idea of what we did with two little fruit pastries.

Now, if you think you also have a nice idea for a private photography one-on-one workshop feel free to contact me so that we can discuss the possibilities.  Click here

Interview Kristel

Nature photographer Mike Moats has interviewed me about Macro Photography for his Blog: Tiny Landscapes.
You can read the interview here.

Monts du Cèzallier | Auvergne | France

Monts du Cèzallier
Sunrise landscape shots

Getting up at 5am is not something I like but when I see the sun rise and the landscape changing colours in the fresh light I  forget all about that alarm clock.

Driving to the Monts du Cèzallier takes me to magnificent landscapes. Mountain meadows and valleys with nice lines and textures. My goal was to capture some images with wild Daffodils and because mother nature is a bit early this year I didn’t know exactly what to expect. The sunrise in itself was a bit disappointing but the early morning light provided me with nice warm light that I could use for my landscape shots.

See for more images : spring gallery

The massif of Cézallier is a French volcanic tray located in the Central Massif, between mounts Brown and the mounts of Cantal. It is shared between two departments: Puy-de-Dôme and Cantal. The medium altitude of the massif is located between 1 200 and 1 500 m. The climax of the massif is the sign of Luguet (1 551 m). -Wikipédia

Trees in movement

This morning it was all foggy and gray but this did not hold me from taking the car and drive to the forest. I was looking for some nice mist layers but ended up with some frozen bushes and trees. Because of the overcast weather the forest was full with different tints of gray light. I decided to take some movement shots. The moody atmosphere and different  gray and brown tints of the forest worked out nicely.

For these kind of images you need trees that are skinny or have a nice shape. It is also important to look at the background and the sky because when you move your camera up or down these elements can have an impact on your image. Set your camera on a slow shutter speed so that you have some time to move your camera in the directions you like. Just take a couple of sample shots and then compose your composition.

All taken with 5Dmark II|EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM|F22| ND filter 4| hand-held

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