Image of the week selection

Image of the week in category Flora and Macro
by Kristel Schneider

Congratulations – Kristel Schneider IOW 11th May, 2012! by Greg Downing

I just found out that my image: Wood Sorrel,  has been  selected as ‘Image Of the Week’ at Naturescapes.Net (a photography forum) in the category, Flora and Macro.

Some feedback:

– Very painterly, looks a bit like a fantasy forest.

– Very cool. Excellent use of blurring in both foreground and background in a way that enhances the subject rather than distracting from it.

– I enjoy this very much. A dream-like work of art.

– Delicate, ethereal and just beautiful! This is gorgeous Kristel!
– Very much out of a fairy tale, Kristel. Lovely in all respects.

Click here to see more images from my Wood Sorrel series.

The first Woman Only Nature Photography Tour in Iceland

Iceland – Photography Workshop for Woman Only
Southern Iceland and Highlands in 9 days

Photographers: Kristel Schneider and Marketa Kalvachova
Date: 4 – 12 July 2013

Iceland, an inspiriting and unique popular destination amongst photography tourists. This is one of the reasons why Kristel Schneider and Marketa Kalvachova have chosen this destination for the first women’s only Nature Photography Workshop Tour. To explore top photographic locations in a female only environment participants will reconnect with themselves, develop their creativity and most of all feel free in a group who shares the same interests and creative mindset.

What to expect during this trip
Diverse scenery will take your breath away as well as the different light conditions and untouched nature sceneries. We will explore the South coast of Iceland by car and along walking trails. Although the main focus will be Landscape Photography those of you who like macro or close-up photography will have plenty of opportunities to indulge during the walks. You will get personal field instruction and photo feedback. There will be no competition or lots of technical talks but a great learning experience, and of course a lot of fun with great out-door activities. We will travel in a small group and sleep in guesthouses whose warm and welcoming owners will make you feel at home. In the evening we will share enjoyable nice local food.

Photographic topics
Glaciers, glaciers lagoons with ice rocks, rugged coastlines, waterfalls, meadows with wild flowers, spouting geyser, seals, hot bath and much more.

Term and duration
4 – 12 July 2013  – 9 days and 8 nights

Click here for more information.

Color Transformation

Color Transformation
by Kristel Schneider

This weekend I met, for the first time the members of  Massifs Centraux (a collective from four local Photographers). Together we explored an area nearby the Mont-Dore (Auvergne -France), Col de Guéry. Although the calender tells us we are in Spring, the weather is reacting differently with colder temperatures.  Between rain showers and thunderstorms I  was able  to take some images.

The Col de Guéry , is located in a regional nature park, Volcans d’Auvergne.
Due to the altitude (1268) and the colder Spring temperatures you can see that the tree tops in the Col de Guéry show a different color pallet then in lower parts of the Auvergne, where you already can see the different tints of green.
The leaf buds in the valley are still closed and the colors are gradually transforming from a  nice red pastel color glow to different tints of green. But before we can see the green leafs we still  have to wait a couple more weeks.

Images are taken with Canon 5DMII, 24-105 MM  and Canon 300 L mm.

A study of nature patterns

A study of nature patterns
by Kristel Schneider

During my photography workshops I always mention that to take an interesting photo requires certain skills.  A very important one is to have an eye for details, color and structure. A good exercise is to look at patterns and details in nature. You can go to a forest or in my case a mountain field with lots of rocks.

I just looked at pattern and details on rocks and little stones. Before you know it you get sucked in all the nice color contrasts and then the goal is to focus on a nice frame.

Here are some examples of my study of nature patterns. All taken with a Canon 5DMII – Sigma 150 macro lens and a tripod.

Spring Flower Photography

Dog’s tooth violet
by Kristel Schneider

Thanks to a tip from  Emmanuel Boitier I was lucky to find a rare spring flower called  Dog’s Tooth violet ( Erythronium dens-canis).

After my last flower session on Spring Snowflakes I wanted to take soft focus images and try different things.  But the problem with this little flower is that they do not grow close together.
To get  a nice color glow in my frame I used a 300mm lens, looked for a flower very close to the lens and focused on another flower far away.  Sometimes  the wind can help to give the image ‘ an out-of-focus’ effect.

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